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Adidas Dame 4 Review


FIT 93%

If you are looking for a sneaker that is a cut above the rest this Adidas Dame 4 review is for you. This is a sneaker that goes above and beyond what you would expect from a regular sneaker.

When you need a sneaker that doesn’t just look good but is a pleasure to wear, you’re onto a winner. This is where the Adidas Dame 4 comes in and screams “I’m here!” with both style and sophistication, making an entrance that’s very welcome.

While hardened Adidas fans think they may have seen it all, here is where the Dame 4 shows them how wrong they were. With a fresh new look and a design that makes this sneaker stand out from the crowd, the Dame 4 looks and feels like something of a masterpiece, no exaggeration.

This sneaker is pushing regular, dull sneakers aside and is something that all serious sneaker aficionados need to stand up and take notice of.

Things We Liked

  • The black wire threads protect the mesh from abrasion.
  • The Dame 4’s are very comfortable, more so than you may imagine.
  • The sneakers offer a large amount of support.
  • The traction is really good and the sneakers do not get full of dust and dirt.
  • These sneakers look good and should stand out from the crowd a little.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The open mesh makes the sneakers look a little like a tennis shoe.
  • The shoes are about half a size too big.
  • There’s not much cushioning on the forefoot which some may find a little disheartening.


The materials that make up this sneaker are a little different. There’s a color added to each type of material which makes this sneaker stand out a little thanks to the patterns on the top and sides.

This time mesh has made an appearance, and although it does offer a tennis/sports shoe edge, the mesh is there for a good reason. Allowing for great air flow, better than the air flow you’d see on the Dame 3, it is there to make wearing the Dame 4 even more pleasurable.

When you take a close look at the open mesh you’ll see that some black wire threads have been added. These threads are there to give the mesh a bit more strength which is always welcome.

The materials on these sneakers do not have the plastic-like feel that they had on the Dame 3 which made the sneakers a little uncomfortable. This is another addition that Adidas has got right and we’re all thankful for this.

When it comes to adding a little extra to these sneakers you can say that Adidas have tried and succeeded to do something a little special. A compression collar has been added to the sneaker and it works really well.

Compression collars are not always that comfortable but the Dame 4’s collar is nothing short of comfortable. Some compression collars look and feel bad but this is not the case as far as this sneaker is concerned.

This is a good feature for me as one of my ankles suffers a little each time I play basketball. The Adidas Dame 4 offers my ankle a bit more protection and although it does not solve my ankle issue it definitely gives it more support.

All in all, the materials that have been added to this sneaker are good. While mesh is not always the greatest material to use in this case it is certainly doing no harm.

Giving your feet the chance to breathe while being encased in a sneaker that looks good is exactly what we all need. It’s a definite thumbs-up to Adidas for this one.


While the Dame 4’s technical specifications have apparently been inspired by the “Passage of time”, the traction is certainly the better for it. The traction’s design does look like it’s been inspired by a tiger or a leopard thanks to its stripes but in any case, it works and it works well.

The channels that seem a little larger than they are on some sneakers work well. In fact, they seem to encourage dust and dirt to move on rather than stick to the bottom of the sneakers. If dust and dirt do seem to get in the way a quick wipe does the job nicely.

While the traction is really good and it does help you stick to the court or any surface much more easily, the rubber is quite soft and may, therefore, be unsuitable for outdoor courts.

I would have loved these sneakers when I was a teen, it was all about how good sneakers looked then and these would have done the job. It was also about how well they stuck to the court and I had many conversations with my buddies about traction.

I guess we took our love of sneakers to a whole new level and got pretty serious about them. While I did have a few good pairs of sneakers that I was proud to own, the Adidas Dame 4’s would have been nothing short of adored.


When it comes to how well a sneaker fits it has to fit well no matter how good or bad it looks. The fit can pretty much determine how often you wear your sneakers and whether you wear them with pride.

If you have wide feet you’ll find that the Dame 4’s are true to size as they have a bit more length. However, if your feet aren’t wide in the slightest you may want to go down half a size.

While it’s always difficult to tell how well any sneakers will be true to size, Adidas is not far off with this sneaker. If you want to make sure you order the right size online just make sure you try the Dame 4’s on in a store first.

You don’t want sneakers that crush your toes and seem to cut the circulation off but you also don’t want too much room so your foot slips around. Try the sneakers on in the store and have a short walk, you’ll get an idea as to how they fit and if you need to stick to the size you had in mind.

When it comes to the subject of lockdown you may notice that the compression collar I mentioned before is doing a lot of the work. You may also notice that the lacing is also doing some of the work too, making the lockdown nothing short of impressive.

This feature would have been really useful to me when I was taking basketball really seriously as a teen. Many basketball shoes and sneakers seem to fail to have as much lockdown as they do these days.

Perhaps my ever-growing feet had something to do with it or the fact that I moved somewhere warmer and my feet would sweat and slide in the sneaker. Whatever the case, good lockdown would have made my game better.

The cables that are attached to the eyelets are rubber-coated and are very strong. As soon as all of the lacing is done up your feel will pretty much feel as if they’re locked in place for the duration.

You won’t have to worry about the lacing coming undone as it’ll stick in place all day long, or at least for a good few hours. While there was a bit of heel slip with the original Adidas Dame’s you won’t need to worry about his with the Dame 4’s as Adidas have got the lockdown down to a fine art.


Support is where the Dame 4 and 3 are quite similar. However, you can feel that the design has changed somewhat. The Dame 4’s midsole wraps around your foot very nicely, ensuring that it stays exactly where it should be. However, the midsole sculpt is not as pronounced as the previous model but it still seems to have the same effect.

Adidas have somehow made sure that your feet are even closer to the ground, making the midsole sculpt even leaner. When you combine this feature with the lateral mold that’s sable and pretty flat you have a great shoe.

To wear the Adidas Dame 4 is to feel supported from almost every angle. It feels as if your feet and your ankles are wrapped in a protective yet strong cushion allowing you to get on with the game in hand.

I would have loved these sneakers before I hurt my ankle as I’m sure they would have helped prevent a bit of injury. While the support would not have prevented my injury it could have made it a little less painful.

This is how much support you get from the Adidas Dame 4’s, this aspect is really quite impressive. If you’re looking for a sneaker that has a lot of support, these are the sneakers to buy.


While the Dame 4 has the same cushioning as the Dame 2 and 3’s the Dame 4 are closer to the ground. This means you do not get as much bounce as you would from the earlier models but it only appears to be the forefoot section that suffers.

The forefoot does sit quite close to the ground but the rest of the sneaker is just as good as you would expect. The heel has just as much cushioning as the previous models, something that will please you if you’ve ever had the pleasure of owning them.

While there is a little less cushioning and it is noticeable you can still expect to feel comfortable.
You do not feel like you’re wearing a really firm pair of sneakers which is always good.

I would have appreciated coming across the Adidas Dame 4’s a few months ago when I was shopping for my nephew. He would rather feel the ground beneath him rather than a lot of cushioning.

Some people like a lot of cushioning, some people don’t, and the Dame 4’s seem to be good for those who want a little less.

The cushioning is not as plush as you may expect from a new pair of sneakers but it still rivals many other sneakers. What’s more, is the lack of cushioning at the forefoot makes you even more grateful for the cushioning you get elsewhere.

Maybe that’s the point or maybe Adidas just wanted us closer to the floor so we can enjoy the superb lockdown.


The Adidas Dame 4 are some of the best sneakers out there and they even manage to top the Dame 3’s which were nothing short of impressive.

Offering similar performance with a bit of an upgrade throw in, these sneakers must be some of the best on the market right now.

The Dame 4’s are not as big and bulky as the 3’s, or at least they do not seem to be. The cushioning is no doubt a lot better in the forefoot than it was in the 3 but it still works really well.

Adidas’s Dame sneakers are some of the best out there and they seem to be worth every cent. While some people may appreciate a slightly better fit Adidas have not gone far wrong with this sneaker.

Final Verdict

While there only seems to be a few disappointing aspects to the Adidas Dame 4, when it comes down to it the sneakers are excellent. Feeling less bulky than the Dame 2’s and 3’s none of the downsides are very troubling.

If you are looking for a great pair of sneakers that look good, are very comfortable and supportive you may want to consider opting for the Dame 4’s.

Hopefully, this Adidas Dame 4 review has shown you just how good these sneakers are. With a great look and feel these sneakers are undoubtedly going to be an important part of your sneaker collection now, and for many years to come.