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20 Basketball Court Diagrams

Whether you are a basketball coach, a player or a fan, there always seems to be a need for basketball court diagrams. We’ve all had a need for court diagrams at some point, but didn’t have any on hand. Sure, we can draw out a rough diagram on some copy paper quickly, but it just doesn’t look right. 

Has a new baseline out-of-bounds play popped into your mind? You’re going to need a half court diagram. Need to diagram a full court press for the team? A full-court diagram will be your best friend. Are you putting together a presentation for a classroom full of students? Time to turn to basketball court diagrams with measurements on them. Diagrams are also a huge help when it comes to scouting opposing teams and drawing up drills for your basketball team. The possibilities are endless, really. 

Now is a great time to stop drawing up diagrams by hand and making 100 copies to have hanging around. When you need to put together a playbook for your team, these diagrams are invaluable in ensuring that everyone has the same information in an easy, legible format. When you need basketball court diagrams, look no further. You’ll see below links to a wide variety of diagrams you can use immediately, no matter what your needs are. Choose from full-court, half-court, combination courts, courts with labels, courts with measurements and courts with positions. 

When you are ready to start putting these diagrams to use, simply click on any one (or all) of the links below and start downloading them. No matter what your specific need, these diagrams will fulfill it.