Basketball shooting drills

After our first dribble drills series, BasketballPhantom presents basketball shooting drills!

As a basketball player, you don’t need some genius to tell you that shooting is important. Being a good, reliable shooter opens up a lot of opportunities for you and your team to score.

Shooting is becoming a necessity in today’s game. The game is evolving, and it shifted orientation from post to perimeter over the years. Today, the best basketball teams have fantastic shooters. Just look at the Golden State Warriors.

So yes, shooting is important. And as we said before when we were speaking about how to become a better player, practice is everything. For this reason, BasketballPhantom crew prepared for you best basketball shooting drills to get as good as you can in knocking down shots.


Introduction to shooting drills – what matters?

Before we throw out in front of you our favorite shooting drills, we want to help you to be as prepared as possible for productive shooting training.

Now, we don’t want to teach you shooting mechanics here. That’s something you have to develop on your own or with your coach. Heading to basketball shooting drills, we assume you’ve already developed you shooting mechanics.

But before you dive into shooting drills, we’re gonna point out some important aspects of good shooting training, as we did with dribbling drills also.

We advise you to have these things in mind for every shot you take during practice, and be assured you can only benefit from it.

No matter which drill you’re working on, try to follow these general tips in each and every one of them.

  • Hold the ball with your fingertips, not your palms
  • Keep the balance before and after every shot
  • There are no secretes to great shooting, just practice (lots of practice)
  • Be confident – shoot with confidence
  • Follow through EVERY shot
  • Practice with intensity – simulate in-game conditions
  • Make drills competitive

Another important thing to mention. Some of the drills we’ll present here may require more than one participant. Usually, it’s desirable to have at least one person with you while you train your shoot, to rebound and pass the ball to you.

Ideally, you should have one rebounder and one passer, with rebounder gathering the ball and passer staying stationary during one drill set. We will point out which one of the drills we provide you require someone other than yourself for execution.

For other drills, you can act as your own rebounder and passer. Simply gather the ball after shot, get in position, throw the ball in front of you, catch it and shoot.


Ready to start? Let’s go!

We start with some warm up drills to get you going. Use them to get in the rhythm gather confidence in your shot. Later, we’ll switch to more dynamic drills, and include also competitiveness. For competitive drills, you’ll be competing against either your teammates or against yourself

Warming up – for start of your basketball shooting drills training, we advise you to take things easy. Here are some drills we present you to slowly get in the rhythm.

  • Start with layups – as our first drill or, better said, “pre-drill”, just take the ball and make some layups.

Instructions: Take the ball around mid-range area and finish at the basket with one or two dribbles. Change the starting position after every shot.

Tips: Set the limit for finishing the drill by making a goal of how many made shots you need to collect. Never count misses – so set your goal at, let’s say, 100 made layups. Don’t stop until you’ve made them.

  • Around the world (non-competitive) – this is one of the most basic shooting drills. And for your warmup, we took the competitive aspect out – we’re still getting prepared.

Instructions: The goal is to take shots by moving around imagined circle around the basket. You are free to determine how many shooting spots you’ll take and how far from the basket they will be. Here is our suggestion.

Start with shots around the key. As you take first shot, move one step to next position on a key line. Start with the left side of the basket, and circle your way around the key to the other side.

Tips: As you’re still warming up, just set the goal of shots made. Move around the key until you make 50 shots (for example).

Additional: You can continue your warmup with this drill by moving a step further from the basket after each completed circle. It’s not bad to finish behind three point line.


Basketball shooting drills

Now that you’re warmed up, you’re ready for some action. First, we’ll introduce to you a set of drills where you’re the only shooter on the court.

But nevertheless, every of the drills we provide have competitive nature. When you’re the only shooter, you’re competing against yourself – you set a goal and if you don’t make it, take some penalty, whether it will be running drill, or round of pushups, whatever you want.


1. Around the world (competitive)

After warmup version of the drill, it’s time to take a step up.

Instructions: Turn your timer on 60 seconds. Your starting position should be one of the sides of the key. When you make a shot, move one-two steps along the key line for the second shot. If you miss the second shot, you’re back at the starting position.

The goal is to go all around the key in 60 seconds without a missed shot.

Additional: Change the distance of imagined circle – move a couple of steps away from the key, and circle around the rim at this distance. As you move away, change your timer from 60 to 70 to 80, depending on distance. Finish with 3-point shots.


2. Double-pass shooting

Let’s get you moving a little bit now. With this drill, you start with half court running dribbles, make a give and go pass and receive the ball for shooting.

Instructions: Start on the right half court line. The goal is to dribble the ball between the cones (or any kind of obstacles), pass the ball to the man standing at the right elbow, receive double pass on the move and shoot.

Alternate shooting types between catch&shoot and dribble pull ups. After you make a shot, repeat the drill on the left side. Continue with the drill until you make 20 shots on each side.

Tips: This is a good in-game simulation, so include intensity and the pace in the drill, both for dribbling and shooting.


3. V-shooting drill

This is a basic drill to develop your movement and balance, with emphasis on shot preparation.

Instructions: Start at the point position. Place one cone in front of you, and the other two at the elbows. Your passer is under the basket. On his signal, you move from the point to the one of the elbows, and perform catch&shoot.

The passer decides on which elbow you’ll go, giving determined signal (by shouting, with arms etc.)

When you finish that shot, move backwards to the starting position. Continue the drill until you make 30 shots.

Tip: Move quickly both as you approach the ball and when going backwards. This drill is great if you practice it with high intensity.


4. 30-second shooting drill

This is a great, high-intensity drill. It covers several shooting areas while requiring quick movement and shooting on the catch.

Instructions: With rebounder under the basket and passer at the top of the key, start in right short corner. For thirty seconds, you’ll make cut from the corner to elbow, shoot the ball, cut back to the corner for another shot, then again to the elbow…

Another 30-second round consist of left-to-right elbow cuts, and the last round is right corner cuts mirrored on the left side. Total of 90 seconds of high intensity shooting on the catch.

Tips: To make this drill competitive, change the roles with rebounder and passer after all three series done. Whoever makes the least shots gets a penalty.


5. Kyle Korver shooting series

Now it’s time for some 3-point shooting. This is a very simple but effective drill used by one of the best 3-point shooters in the NBA, Kyle Korver.

This drill has emphasis on shooting the 3 on the move, and you can do it completely on your own.

Instructions: Start at the left wing. Throw the ball in front of you to the right corner, then sprint there, catch the ball and shoot. Repeat the process on the other side.

For the next series, again from the wing throw the ball, but this time towards the slot. Again, sprint, catch and shoot. Do this on both sides.

As final series, start at the top; throw the ball towards the one of the wings, sprint, catch and shoot. Same with the other wing.

The animations shows you drill on one side, repeat the process on the other.


6. Screen shooting drill

As a shooter, you need to be master at shooting after coming out of screens. This drill will help you with developing great screen shooting.

Instructions: Start under the basket as your passer stands at the top. Place two cones on right and left middle corners. Choose on which side you’ll go and sprint to the cone. At this point, you can choose which type of cut you’ll use to catch the ball.

Tip: The best is to make signaling marks with the passer for each type of cut – backdoor, straight, flare or curl. Practice each of those with pace and intensity, and shoot on the catch.

Additional tip: If you have a rebounder, you can use his as a defender to follow you to the screen, as showed in animation bellow.


7. Warrior shooting drill

This drill combines all kinds of in-game shots, from layups to cuts and screens. At this point, it’s desirable to have both rebounder and passer to help you with this drill.

Instructions: Start at the half court, perform give and go with passer standing at the top, and finish with basket cut on the rim.

As you lay the ball in, sprint around the cone for pin down screen simulation and shoot at the catch around the elbow.

After this shot, sprint to the other cone in the middle corner for flare-screen simulation. Shoot on the catch.

For the end, sprint from the middle corner to the wing and make a quick back cut, receive the ball and shoot on the catch.

Tip: Repeat the process on the other side.


8. Ray Allen 2 minute shooting drill

This is a great drill to finish your shooting training. If you play basketball, you probably know who Ray Allen is – one of the best shooters in basketball history.

This is a drill that will make you shoot both fast and accurate. So stay sharp, here comes Ray!

 Ray Allen 2 minute shooting drill

Instructions: The goal is to make every shot from each of 25 marked positions on the court. You’ll be shooting on 5 “ladders”, starting at the right beseline and moving back to the 3-point line. After making 5 consecutive, you move to the right wing, again from the basket moving back, then middle, then left wing and at the end to left baseline.

If you miss one shot from one of the “ladders”, you get back to the first position of that ladder. In 120 seconds, you need to make all 25 consecutive shots.

This one is a real shooting test. Good luck!



So there you have it. We presented you with some great, high-intensity basketball shooting drills that will help you become killer shooter from every part of the floor.

Please, follow our instructions and general tips – execute every drill with pace and intensity, always trying to simulate real-game situations.

Shoot with confidence – this is a prerequisite to great shooting. Stay focused; execute every shot with same attention to every detail. And of course, knock ‘em down!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please leave them in the section bellow. We’ll respond on every one of them.