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Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

The best basketball shoes for athletes that have a wider foot are ones that are comfortable and provide a tight fit, good support, and traction that allows safe maneuverability across the court. Finding a comfortable, proper-fitting, wide-width court shoe can be difficult. Finding shoes that are stylish at a reasonable price is even more challenging. 

Proper-fitting basketball shoes are important for maximum performance and safety. The majority of them have a narrow cut design to ensure a snug fit to increase lateral support and reduce ankle and knee injuries. Regularly-sized shoes are almost guaranteed to be uncomfortable and cause added pressure and blisters for those needing a wider width. Name-brand athletic shoemakers are increasing their wide-width basketball shoe offerings. The best basketball shoes for wide feet are comfortable w/snug-fit lacing and provide support, traction, performance, and safety. 

1. Adidas D Lillard 2 Men's

The lightweight, low-cut adidas D Lillard 2 is designed for greater responsiveness, comfort, and performance. Its abrasion-resistant PureMotion+ synthetic material offers a flexible fit for wider feet, as well as longer-lasting durability and rollover support, at an affordable price. 

It has a (Continental tire-brand) rubber outsole that optimizes grip and traction for maximum stability and maneuverability. The outsole is also non-marking to prevent scuffing indoor surfaces. The midsole Bounce Cushioning technology provides comfort and protects against impact injury. The Torsion (arch flexing) System also works to minimize shock and potential injury 

Benefit & Drawback

Athletes like the D Lillard 2’s synthetic leather and mesh upper and its ability to circulate airflow. These shoes also have a traditional lacing system and heel counter for added support. It also ensures an excellent locked-in snug fit without pinching or restricting your foot. A seamless shoe tongue protects against rubbing. 

There is the tendency for dirt/dust to get trapped in the outsole tread pattern, which can cause slipping. 


  • Price
  • Durability
  • Comfort; Good fit
  • Added mobility; Performance


  • May slip on indoor floors

2. Under Armor UA Jet 2017

The Under Armour UA Jet 2017 is a smart-looking shoe that has the Under Amour on both sides of the shoe. Made with a perforated upper and synthetic overlays, this shoe has material with a lot of stability.

The stability means this particular shoe is likely to last a bit longer than some others. With a lace-up closure and a padded mesh collar, this is a shoe that’s pretty comfortable.

The tongue is also made from padded mesh to ensure it’s also comfortable. The molded Ortholite sock liner gives the wearer even more cushioning.

When it comes to lockdown, this shoe is particularly good as it ensures your feet stay where they’re meant to be. Traction is something that you need to work well for you when you’re on the court.

I would have loved these basketball shoes last week when my old shoes just didn’t want to stick to the court. Here is where the Under Armour shoe comes in and sets a good impression. Thanks to the one-piece rubber outsole, traction is provided in multiple directions.

This allows for better linear and lateral movement. This means you can keep on playing your game without worrying about how well your shoe is behaving.

Those who have already purchased these shoes have said that they are stylish and their performance is outstanding. Other people have stated that they last longer than some of their other shoes.


  • They look good
  • Comes with a padded mesh collar and tongue
  • Has great traction
  • Lasts a long time
  • Lockdown is good


  • The shoes are a little too large
  • Some say the shoes are too narrow

3. Under Armour Fire Shot

These lightweight, durable Under Armour Fireshot men’s basketball shoes are designed with extra flexibility, responsiveness, and “bounce.” Their advanced CompFit® synthetic mesh upper offers an enhanced combination of support and comfort fit for wider feet at an affordable price. 

UA’s Fireshot basketball shoes have a durable, injection-molded, rubber outsole with spider web pattern that optimizes traction and mobility. The EVA rubber midsole with Micro G® foam increases energy and absorbs impact to prevent injury. UA’s anti-microbial, full-length Ortholite® sock liner seamlessly molds to the shape of your foot. It provides bouncy cushion, complete ankle support and unencumbered movement. 

Benefit & Drawback

The FIreshot CompFit® synthetic mesh shoe upper material is pliable and soft, and breathes and stretches to fit your wider foot. The sculpted rubber midsole adds cushion and bounce without being squishy and allowing your foot to slide or ankle to rollover. UA’s CompFit® tongue ensures a snug fit and prevents lace-bite. 

Although well-cushioned, these shoes may not sufficiently withstand very aggressive/competitive play for very long. 


  • Price
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Bounce; Quick responsiveness
  • Durability


  • May run narrow for some
  • Gets dirty/dusty quickly

4. Under Armour Men's Curry 3

These ultra-lightweight, durable Under Armour Curry 3 men’s basketball shoes are an upgrade version designed for ultimate support, responsiveness, and mobility. The reinforced Threadborne™ synthetic mesh upper offers enhanced support, directional strength, and a comfort able fit for wider feet. 

UA Curry 3’s durable, rubber outsole optimizes traction and control. The soft-comfort Charged Cushioning midsole with Micro G® foam increases speed as well as absorbs impact to prevent injury. The anti-microbial, full-length Ortholite® sock liner also seamlessly molds to your foot to support your ankle without impeding movement. 

Benefit & Drawback

The Curry 3 synthetic mesh shoe upper material is extremely lightweight and breathable. An open-holed mesh tongue increases air circulation. An adjustable, meta-wing carbon fiber heel-stability system shank helps prevent wide-foot players from sliding during lateral maneuvers. 

The drawback is that the outsole tread has a tendency to collect dust that can cause slipping on indoor courts. 


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Traction


  • Sizes/widths may vary for some

5. Adidas Crazylight Boost 2018

The Adidas Crazylight Boost 2018 Shoes have a classic yet stylish finish and come complete with the Adidas logo on the side of the shoe. The webbing eyelets allow you to pull the lacing as tight or as loose as you wish.

This means you can improve on the fit of the shoe should you need to. With a mesh build, your feet will be even more ventilated than they could be if you wore other shoes.

This means that you’re less likely to become uncomfortable when you’re playing basketball. Complete with lateral stability, you won’t have to worry too much about losing your footing.

The Achilles pillow has been added to the textile upper which makes the shoes even more comfortable. Those who have issues with their ankles may find that these shoes offer them a good level of support.

This means you can carry on wearing these shoes and playing the game. With full-length boost, you will have much more energy with every single step.

What this could mean for your game is that you’ll find you could play even better.
When it comes to the cost of these shoes you may find that they can be fairly expensive if you select a size that isn’t very popular. However, you will be left with a shoe that works well for you.

Those who have previously purchased the shoe have said that they are a little large but they’re comfortable and the traction is good.


  • Your Achilles heel is supported
  • The shoes are very comfortable
  • They look good


  • They can be hard to break into

6. adidas Men's Crazy Explosive

The durable, high-top adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive basketball shoes are designed for (lateral movement) strength, speed, performance, and comfort for wide-foot players. They have the best-selling Boost™ technology cushioning system that provides inexhaustible comfort , energy return, and game-changing performance, at an affordable price. 

These indoor/outdoor basketball shoes have durable, rubber outsoles that optimize court traction, control, and mobility. Thermoplastic polyurethane Boost™ cushioning provides better shock absorption and has the ability to re-form (“bounce back”). 

Benefit & Drawback

The adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive basketball shoes (uppers) are made of breathable, dual mesh and synthetic material that promotes airflow. It surrounds and adjusts to fit wider feet. The high top also provides maximum ankle support without restricting mobility. These shoes also run fairly true-to-size. 

A primary drawback is the lack of traction durability. It wears down quickly. Another drawback is the absence of tongue padding that may result in additional pressure or irritation across the top of your foot. 


  • Style
  • Stability; Comfort and support
  • Superior energy return
  • Traction


  • Upper may seem stiff
  • A heavier/bulkier shoe

7. Adidas NEO Men's CF Executor Mid

These durable, 2-in-1, street-tech style adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor mid-cut basketball shoes are designed for use on the basketball court or in the gym. They have Cloudform (CF) cushioning technology that provides maximum comfort and a durable fit for those with wider feet. Their design and comfort allow longer wear and longer practices and help maximize your overall performance. 

These very affordable, lightweight basketball shoes have rubber, herringbone-patterned outsoles for optimal traction, control, and mobility. The anti-microbial, Ortholite® sock liner also seamlessly molds to your foot to support your ankle without impeding movement. 

Benefit & Drawback

The adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor mid-cut basketball shoes have a stretchy, two-tone, breathable mesh upper that surrounds your wide foot better without pinching or restricting airflow. The lace-up closure system provides maximum arch and ankle support. These shoes also have a padded tongue and collar for essential ankle lockdown and synthetic heel overlay for added stability. 

The drawback may be that although this is a very good street-tech style shoe, it is not recommended as the very best shoe for serious basketball players. 


  • Price
  • Lightweight
  • Comfort, stability, and support


  • Lacks sufficient breathability for some users

8. Nike Air Force 1

These classic, lightweight, durable, Nike Air Force 1 (AF-1) men’s basketball shoes are a clean, low-cut silhouette, streamline design. Nike Zoom Air technology provides cushioning that combines pressurized air and internal fiber to create more immediate “bounce-back” padding. Pivot points in the forefoot and heel aid directional strength and smooth transitioning during play. The design intends to provide comfort that allows longer play.
Nike Air Force 1’s durable, non-marking, thick rubber outsole optimizes traction and control. It has a sizeable soft, durable, cushioned foam midsole that aids wide-foot stability. This AF-1 basketball shoe also has a full-length, lightweight Nike Air inner sole that provides arch cushioning that absorbs impact shocks to prevent injury.

Benefit & Drawback

The Nike Air Force 1 leather and synthetic shoe upper material is extremely lightweight and durable and has overlays for added fit and support. They are sized true-to-fit. Strategically-located toe and side perforations add ventilation to keep feet cooler. These shoes also have a padded collar for essential ankle lockdown and comfortable fit. 

The drawback may be that although this is a very popular classic style shoe, it is not recommended as the very best shoe for serious basketball players. 


  • Classic style
  • Lightweight
  • Comfort and support
  • Traction
  • Durability


  • Lacks sufficient breathability for some users

9. Fila Men's F-13v Lea/syn

These lightweight, mid-top Fila F-13v Lea/syn men’s fashion-sneaker basketball shoes are a contemporary, classic heritage wide-width design. Fila’s F-13v Lea/syn basketball shoes have a durable, non-slip, solid rubber outsole that optimizes traction, lateral support, and quick mobility. EVA rubber midsole cushioning increases comfort and absorbs impact to prevent injury. The mid-top design provides complete arch and ankle support and unencumbered movement. 

Benefit & Drawback

The Fila F-13v Lea/syn basketball shoes’ upper is made of synthetic leather that is lightweight and durable and provides added fit and support. They are sized true-to-fit. Strategically-located toe and side perforations add ventilation to keep feet cooler. 

These contemporary wide-fit basketball shoes may not be recommended for players that have high arches even though they are specifically designed and well-cushioned for arch and ankle support. 


  • Style
  • Durability
  • Great traction


  • Not recommended if you have high arches
  • Select distribution and product availability

10. Jordan Nike Mens Air XXXI

The Jordan Nike Mens Air XXXI Black/Game Royal White Basketball Shoe is a good looking basketball shoe that comes with the Jordan logo on the tongue.

The traction is pretty good which makes playing on a court easy. With these shoes, you can play indoors and outdoors without worrying too much about dirt on the bottom of your shoe.

The lockdown is also quite good, ensuring that your feet stay where they should. This means you can get on with the game in hand.

The woven upper material that’s made from premium fabric is very nice to look at and it’s also very comfortable. However, the heel that’s made from synthetic leather leaves a lot to be desired.

When it comes to the shoe’s cushioning it feels quite good, but you may be expecting something a little better from Jordan. If you are, you could be disappointed.

This shoe looks good thanks to its great design and its mixture of blue, black, and white. It will stand out from the shoes everyone else is wearing as it has a nice finish.

I would have liked these shoes when I was at school. I didn’t want the same shoes as everyone else.

Customers who have already purchased this shoe say that they’re very happy with the shoe. Others have said that the traction is not so great and makes playing on a dirty court really difficult.


  • The look of the shoe
  • The woven upper material
  • Reasonably good cushioning
  • It’s ideal for those with wide feet
  • The logo looks good


  • Some say its traction is not that good
  • If you don’t have very wide feet these shoes may be too big

Choosing the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Basketball shoes have a big impact on how you play your game, so the best basketball shoes for your wide feet are ones that allow you to be comfortable without sacrificing mobility, agility, or performance. Finding the right style, size, and fit can avoid painful bunions, claw toes, Achilles tendons, or other athlete-type maladies. 

To choose the best basketball shoes for your wider than average feet, first determine what type of player you are. How you move and distribute your weight determine the style and construction of your court footwear. 

An Aggressive/Power Player should choose a wide shoe that has cushioning technology that provides maximum comfort and a durable fit that ensures stability and less chance of rolling during lateral moves. The cushion/padding should not go flat. It should protect your foot each time you shoot or bounce. There are lightweight shoes on the market, but to get the full-width cushioning that feels right to you, you may need to choose a heavier shoe. 

A Fast Player should look for a flexible, lightweight shoe that provides good ankle, heel, and arch support. Low- or mid-cut basketball shoes allow a greater sense of freedom and maneuverability. 

The Generic or All-Purpose Player has more wide-width basketball shoe choices. Traditional shoes and styles that offer cushioning, outsole, and midsole technology and improved ankle, arch, and heel support will work great for you. Be sure the cushion/padding is wide and durable enough to account for the extra wide shoe width. 

The Benefits & Drawbacks of Wide-Width Basketball Shoes

Manufacturers are finally focusing on the wider foot basketball shoe market. The best basketball shoes for wide feet fit properly, provide extra toe box room, and are breathable (Do a “thumb test” to ensure there is enough space between your toes and shoe tip so your foot can move freely). 

Most wide-width performance shoes are high-top construction that adds additional support and impact-resistant cushioning. Cushion, stability and control, arch and ankle support, anti-slip outsole, and other technologies are incorporated in wide-width basketball footwear. Prices, styles, and quality of wide-width basketball shoes are also comparable to similar, narrower/average-width athletic footwear. 

The downside of wide-width basketball shoes is the style selection and size availability in some areas. Although you may always order the shoes online, it is recommended to try them on to ensure a proper fit and feel before buying. The other drawback of wider-width shoes is their weight. Many quality styles/brands are quite sturdy but may be a bit heavier shoe.

What to Look For When Buying Wide-Width Basketball Shoes

When looking for the best basketball shoes for wide feet, consider the shoe material and construction (quality), outer sole, cushion, support, and traction (performance) as well as the brand, style, price. 

Shoe Material 

The best basketball shoes for wide feet should be constructed from material that not only breathes and allows good air circulation, but also stretches. Flexible materials shape to, and wrap around, a wide foot to provide a secure and supported fit. Manufacturers are making it easier to find a flexible shoe for wide-foot players. 

Flexible (i.e.: knitted or woven) material used for the wide basketball shoe upper tends to adjust as your foot moves. Non-flexible synthetic material (i.e.: synthetic leather) does not stretch and provides less “give.” Shoes can tighten, pinch, or cause pressure or blisters as a result. 

Be aware that flexible knitted or woven materials may not provide continued full-support or stability over time. They can over-stretch with aggressive or long periods of play. Also be aware that, as your shoes made of flex-material age, the risk of ankle or knee injury may increase. 

Outer Sole, Tread Pattern & Traction 

Before buying a wide-width basketball shoe, examine the bottom, outer sole and tread pattern. 

The thickness of the sole may indicate added stability, or conversely, it can add weight and subtly restrict your lateral maneuverability. 

There is increased focus on basketball shoe traction pattern design and how it improves overall court performance, mobility, and maneuverability. It is not how the traction pattern enhances the shoe’s appearance that matters. Rather, the traction pattern on your wide-width shoe plays a big role in preventing slipping, sliding, or ankle/knee twisting. 

The greater the grip, the safer you are as you make sudden lateral, stop-and-start, shooting, and running moves. It is important when selecting wide-width basketball shoes that the traction pattern appears larger than if it was on the bottom of an average/narrow-width basketball shoe. 


The best basketball shoes for wide feet must have a superior cushioning system that ensures comfortable arch support and impact-resistant bounce. Comfortable arch support improves mobility. 

When choosing wide-width basketball shoes, be aware of the different cushioning technologies various basketball shoe brands incorporate into their products. 

• Under Armour’s Charged Cushioning Technology is a dual-layer comfort and support system made from a soft foam layer thick on top of a thick/firm foam layer. 

• Nike Zoom Air cushioning combines pressurized air and internal fibers for a highly-responsive, bounce-back effect. Jordan FlightPlate Technology enhances the Nike Zoom Air cushioning by adding a cushioning layer below the Zoom Air padding sack. You feel an even quicker responsiveness when the Flight Plate padding layer is pressed against the Zoom Air sack. 

• Adidas’ Boost Technology cushioning combines soft padding with performance energy. Essentially, the more energy you exert, the greater the cushioned bounce you feel. 


Wide-fit basketball shoes that sufficiently support your arches and ankles are essential for safely playing a sport that requires spontaneous moves, jump shots, and maneuvering. Ankle injuries are a common and direct result of playing in basketball shoes that have little or poor support. 

If you are prone to ankle, knee, or similar types of injuries select high-top shoes rather than low- or mid-cut styles. High-top shoes minimize joint movement and provide sufficient arch and ankle support, which is crucial for wider feet. This shoe style allows even the most aggressive player to play their type of game without concern of potentially hurting their legs, knees, or ankles. You must also be assured that the shoe you select will protect your foot and leg when you come down from an unbalanced jump or make a spontaneously awkward lateral move. 

Players that have wide feet often have flat feet as well. The best basketball shoes for players with wide/flat feet are soft, flexible, durable, and flat soled. They mold to the shape of your foot and absorb normal-play type impacts. A high-quality outsole will help prevent you from getting tired before the game is over or help prevent you from playing with pain long after you should have quit! 

Style & Quality 

There are many styles of basketball shoes on the market. You should not, however, sacrifice quality for style. The style of basketball shoe that excites you may not be the best basketball shoe for your wider foot. You should avoid famous athlete and classic basketball shoe brands if they do not meet the criteria your wider foot requires, such as quality construction, cushioning, and support, flexible and breathable material for comfortable and longer play, an extra wide toe box, and outsole traction for greater stability. 

When looking at basketball shoe styles, select a wide-width basketball shoe that has outstanding support. The shoe’s style (high-cut, mid-cut, or low-cut construction) determines its level of support and vice versa. It is recommended that basketball players with wide feet avoid low-cut and mid-cut style shoes. As previously mentioned, high-top style basketball shoes restrict ankle movement making it more difficult to stretch ligaments too far, sprain ankles, or twist a knee. They are the better choice for wide-footed basketball athletes. 


The best basketball shoes for wide feet are ones that provide flexible construction that surrounds your foot, quality cushioning and support, breathable material for comfortable and longer play, extra wide toe box, and outsole traction for greater stability and safe movement. 

The adidas D Lillard 2 stands out from the best wide-width basketball shoes reviewed. They are affordable shoes that are suitable for indoor and outdoor courts. They are made from quality materials and designed for maximum responsiveness, comfort, and performance. This adidas-brand shoe incorporates Bounce Cushioning and Torsion System technology for optimal impact resistance and ankle/arch support. The flexible PureMotion+ technology adjusts to your every move for continual comfort. 

These shoes offer high-end features and technologies at a competitive price. Other shoes reviewed do not offer as much for as reasonable a price. However, these shoes may not be satisfactory for every wide- or flat-footed basketball athlete. It is recommended that you try these shoes on before buying.