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10 Best Basketball Shorts in 2020

Wearing the right basketball shorts can allow you the freedom you need to play your favorite sport. The best shorts won’t get in the way, they will let you sweat and look good.

It can often be hard to find the right basketball shorts for you as there are so many on the market right now. However, this article will help you find the best basketball shorts around so you look and feel good.

1. Spalding Men’s Extreme Performance Basketball Shorts

The Spalding Men’s Extreme Performance Basketball Shorts have a nice black and gray finish with a pleasant pattern and the Spalding logo that runs down the side of the shorts. Available in 8 different colors, these shorts also come in 5 different sizes from small to xx-large.

With poly interlock material and dual side pockets, you are likely to be very comfortable wearing these tough shorts. The elastic waist comes with a drawstring so they can be as tight or loose as you wish.

Price-wise, the shorts are pretty reasonable and they have quite a relaxed fit. It’s this relaxed fit that makes these shorts easy to wear when you’re playing basketball, at the gym, or just chilling out.

These shorts do tend to stretch a little and they are a good length, which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t like shorts that are too short. Ending just below the knee, the Spalding shorts are very comfortable.

There is no mesh inner lining which may confuse those who are used to wearing shorts with a lining such as this, but they will not stick to your legs when you sweat. I think these would have been great last summer when I was playing basketball while the sun was beating down.

The black/camo design is rather pleasant and although the Spalding logo may fade after a few washes, these shorts will continue to look good.

Things We Liked

  • 11 inch inseam
  • Nice relaxed fit which feels comfortable
  • Matches almost any color top
  • Available in 8 different colors
  • Pockets on both sides for your convenience

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The logo fades after a few washes
  • There’s no mesh inner lining

2. Tailong Quick Dry Basketball Shorts

The Tailong quick dry basketball shorts come in a modern black finish and is ideal for those times when you want to play basketball, go for a run, or even lift weights at the gym.

Finishing just above the knee, these shorts come complete with the Tailong logo at the bottom of the left leg. With a wide elastic waistband, you can be as comfortable as you wish, safe in the knowledge that your shorts will not slide down.

Available in 5 different sizes from small to xx-large, these shorts are very nicely priced. Complete with pockets on both sides and quick to dry, the Tailong shorts are comfortable to wear over long periods of time.

With a very light fit, these shorts have a lot of stretch in the fabric and are ideal for those hot summer days. There is no drawstring, so if the shorts are a little loose they’re likely to stay loose.

With breathable fabric and a smooth finish, if you’re looking for a good pair of basketball shorts, these could be the brand to buy. I would have appreciated these shorts while we were having our group photo taken as they look like they’re really good quality.

Things We Liked

  • Nice comfortable fabric
  • Nice shade of black that looks high quality
  • Comes with 2 pockets, 1 on each side
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Quick to dry even when you’re sweating

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No drawstring so they could be a little loose

3. Toptie Two Tone Basketball Shorts

The Toptie Two Tone Basketball Shorts have a very pleasant black finish complete with white stripes down the side of the leg and around the bottom of the shorts. Available in 2 different colors (Black and blue), you can also buy them in multi-packs with a combination of the two colors if you wish to.

Available in medium to xx-large, the shorts come with a relaxed waist and finish just below the knee. Made from polyester, the shorts are very comfortable and pretty durable too, meaning you can keep wearing them all day if you wish.

The wicking mesh inner body means moisture is drawn away from the body so you don’t feel too sweaty. These shorts would have been ideal last week when it was hot outside and we were all sweating.

Price-wise, these basketball shorts are very reasonable. The price will differ depending on how many pairs of shorts you buy but they are still good value for money.

The pockets are big enough for you to store your cell phone or keys in and the pleasant design makes the shorts stand out a little.

Things We Liked ​

  • The pleasant black and white finish
  • Ends just below the knee
  • Has wicking inner mesh which helps to keep you cool
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Pretty comfortable to wear

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Inner lining only attached at the waist
  • Shorts may not be long enough for some

4. Above the Rim Men’s Mesh Basketball Shorts

The Above the Rim basketball shorts have a nice relaxed look and finish below the knee. Available in 22 different colors and in 5 different sizes from small to ‘1x Big’ there is bound to be a pair of shorts suitable for all sizes and color preferences.

Ideal for when you’re playing basketball, running or enjoying a bit of crossfit, these shorts seem pretty reliable. The moisture wicking properties mean you can keep on playing sports if you wish, without having to worry about your shorts getting damp.

The elastic waistband is very secure so you won’t have to worry about these shorts slipping. The 11.5 inch seam means the shorts are comfortable and likely to be long enough.

Complete with pockets on both sides, you can store your valuables in them should you wish to. Made from lightweight material and with a very comfortable fit, these may be the shorts you need.

Price-wise, the Above the Rim shorts are fairly reasonable depending on what color and size you purchase. Some colors and sizes are more expensive than others, so you may want to opt for the cheaper colors if you’re on a budget.

Things We Liked ​

  • Good length
  • Available in a lot of colors and sizes
  • Two pockets for your convenience
  • Comfortable material
  • Moisture-wicking fabric so you stay cool

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some colors cost more than others
  • Some sizes cost more than others
  • The material can unravel which could affect comfort

5. Adidas Men’s Basketball Shorts

The Adidas Men’s basketball shorts are nicely styled and come in 5 different colors and 8 different sizes. With an 11 inch inseam and side seam pockets these shorts have been designed to be worn with ease.

Complete with a draw-cord on the elasticated waist you should have no problem pulling them as tight or as loose as you please. Made from recycled polyester, these shorts help to reduce emissions and save energy.

Very soft, these shorts are a pleasure to wear and they look good too. The fashionable Adidas strip is found down the side of the shorts and the material has a good quality finish to it.

Price-wise, you do have to pay a little more for certain sizes and colors, but none of the shorts are too expensive. If you’re looking for a pair of good quality shorts these are the ones to opt for.

The pockets on these shorts are not as deep as you would find on some shorts. This potentially means you cannot keep as much in your pockets as you ordinarily would.

Things We Liked ​

  • The shorts look good
  • Made from recycled polyester
  • 11 inch seam
  • Draw-cord so they fit nicely
  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The pockets aren’t very deep meaning things could fall out
  • The sizing isn’t very accurate
  • Certain colors and sizes may be expensive

6. YoungLA Men’s French Terry Cotton Basketball Shorts

The YoungLA Men’s French Terry Cotton Basketball Shorts are very nice shorts that come with a unique design and a good quality finish. These shorts have a shine to them that makes them look even more comfortable and great quality.

Complete with a skinny fit, these basketball shorts are ideal if you want to dribble the basketball in between your legs as they offer more room. Complete with side pockets, these shorts seem to have it all.

Available in 4 different sizes from small to xx-large, the shorts also come in 6 different colors. I would have appreciated the color and size choice when shopping for new basketball shorts a few weeks ago.

When it comes to the price of shorts these are surprisingly cheap. While there are a few differences in terms of color and fit they are not overly expensive.

With a good bit of stretch, wearers will find these shorts are ideal for training in the gym, on the basketball court or when you’re running. Some customers have said that the sizes are a little larger than they expected so you may want to re-think your choices of sizes.

Ideal for all sorts of sports and with a great finish, if you’re looking for shorts that tend to stand out a little, these are the ones to opt for. However, these are not the longest shorts and finish just above the knee.

Things We Liked ​

  • Very comfortable
  • Nice shiny finish
  • Great price
  • Available in a range of sizes and colors
  • Has side pockets for your convenience

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They may be a little large for some
  • Not very long in the leg

7. YoungLA Slim Fit Basketball Shorts

YoungLA Slim Fit Basketball Shorts are a very nice looking pair of shorts that have a good length, finishing just above the knee. With a drawstring, these shorts can be made as loose or as tight as you please.

Available in 5 different colors and 5 different colors from small to xx-large, these shorts are made from a mixture of French Terry Cotton and polyester. One of the great things about these shorts is the length is adjustable, the 3 layers of stitching give you the option to lengthen or shorten the shorts as you please.

Slim fit, you won’t have to worry about the shorts sticking to your legs while you play. The material is very comfortable but won’t gather together as some shorts tend to do. The material is of good quality and is very light, ensuring that it feels nice and smooth on your skin. These shorts could be perfect for my brother who often complains about his shorts feeling a little rough.

Complete with 2 pockets at the front and 1 on the back you can keep all of your personal belongings close by. The French Terry fabric has been added to absorb moisture meaning you shouldn’t feel too hot and sweaty no matter how long you play.

Things We Liked

  • Contains fabric that absorbs moisture
  • Nice clean finish that looks good
  • 2 pockets at the front, 1 at the back
  • Available in 5 different colors and 5 different colors
  • Adjustable length, a real added bonus

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The paler shorts are a little see-through

8. Baleaf Men’s Athletic Basketball Shorts

The Baleaf men’s basketball shorts are available in 3 colors and 6 different sizes from small to xxx-large. Made from a soft material that’s made to last you’ll keep cool.

The flat-lock seams ensure that the shorts last a long time while also ensuring that the shorts do not chafe. With an elasticated waistband that comes with an inner drawstring, you can have the shorts as tight or as loose as you wish.

The deep zippered pockets help you keep your belongings close to you, this means they won’t fall out as they may do if you wear other shorts. A zippered pocket would have been ideal yesterday when I was out for a run.

The reflective Baleaf logo on the left hand side of the shorts is a nice feature and adds something special to these basketball shorts. Made from breathable and lightweight fabric, these shorts should be nice and comfortable no matter how hot it is out there.

The Baleaf shorts seem to be a lot longer than many people expect. This potentially means wearers may not feel as comfortable as they otherwise would.

With regards to the price, these shorts are a lot cheaper than many other shorts out there. This potentially means you can buy shorts that come in the style you love without paying so much for them.

I like the fact that these shorts are quite cheap, it means you can wear shorts that look the same as more expensive shorts but without the high price.

Things We Liked

  • Made from a breathable and lightweight fabric
  • Comes with an inner drawstring
  • Available in 3 colors and 6 different sizes
  • Great price that doesn’t break the bank

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Might be a little bigger than expected
  • The material is a little thin

9. VIIOO Men’s Basketball Training Shorts

The VIIOO Men’s Basketball Training Shorts are a nice style of short and come with the VIIOO catch phrase on a little tab located on the right hand side of the shorts. Available in 2 different colors and 3 different sizes from small to large, these shorts are made to last.

Manufactured from light fabric that also stretches so you have ease of movement, these shorts also come with a drawstring. The drawstring allows you to adjust the looseness of the shorts so you feel completely comfortable wearing them.

When it comes to the price, the VIIOO shorts are a very good price, proving that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find some good quality shorts. These shorts also come with 2 welted zip pockets that keep all of your belongings safe while you play.

The elasticated waist is ideal at helping you to keep your shorts up, meaning you won’t have to worry about them falling down. Ideal for playing basketball in or even if you want to go for a run, these shorts are very versatile.

Things We Liked

  • The very reasonable price
  • Manufactured from light fabric
  • Comes with 2 welted zip pockets

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The shorts are not lined and may not feel right
  • Limited range of colors available

10. Reebok Men’s Basketball Shorts

Reebok men’s basketball shorts come in a very nice red, white, and black finish, ensuring they stand out from all those black basketball shorts that are available. Available in 3 difference colors and 2 different sizes, your options are limited but these shorts are good.

Made from lightweight woven fabric and with a slim fit, the shorts should just reach your knees. Complete with speedwick technology, these shorts will get dry very quickly, which means you can carry on playing sports without feeling uncomfortable.

The internal draw-cord allows you to adjust the tightness of the shorts as you wish and the elasticated waistband is very comfortable. Complete with 2 pockets, you can keep your belongings with you at all times.

The classic yet original design makes these shorts stand out, and the Reebok logo at the bottom of the shorts is slightly reflective. I particularly like these shorts as they are very different from what most people wear when they’re playing basketball.

When it comes to the subject of price these shorts are not as expensive as you may think. Depending on the color and the size you purchase, the price will change but again, they are a good price.

Things We Liked

  • Nice original design
  • Complete with speedwick technology
  • Internal draw-cord
  • Very comfortable to wear even for a long time
  • Complete with 2 pockets

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Only available in 3 differenct colors and 2 different sizes
  • Not very long


When we compare all of the shorts against each other, the clear winner of the roundup is the Tailong quick dry basketball shorts. These shorts stand out from the crowd thanks to their modern black finish and their lightweight design.

The Tailong shorts are the best basketball shorts on the market right now and although they do not come with a drawstring they seem to excel in all other areas. Quick to dry and available in 5 different sizes from small to xx-large, these shorts seem to be a cut above the rest.

Looking just as good as some of the more expensive basketball shorts out there, if you are looking for a good pair of shorts to play basketball in, these are the ones to opt for. What’s more, is they’re also ideal if you want to go for a run, or simply chill-out with your friends.