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Best Basketball Socks in 2020

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional basketball player, or you simply wish to dunk it with your friends in the neighborhood. Quality socks do matter, and they can improve your performance drastically.

The biggest mistake basketball players make is focusing on great shoes and forgetting to pair them with some good quality socks. Spending a bit more cash on high quality basketball socks will save you loads of time and effort, and they’ll also last longer.

You might be asking yourself, “Why do I need special socks to play basketball?” The answer:

  • You will improve your performance – High-quality socks will make it easier to jump and run
  • Your feet will be healthier – Poor quality socks will give you infections, blisters and toenail problems

There are many different brands to choose from on the market. You will want something that absorbs plenty of moisture, gives your feet enough ventilation and feels comfortable.

You won’t need to look for hours to find the best basketball socks available. We did the hard work for you. So sit back, relax and find out which are the best ones in the article below. We got the top five picks of the season that are sure to make your feet happy.

Best Basketball Socks

Reviews of the 5 Best Basketball Socks

#1 Nike Men's Elite Cushioned Crew Socks

When it comes to great quality socks, Nike definitely holds its own glory. This model has a specific left and right design which helps for a better fit that stays consistent day after day.

They are made out of cotton and a special Dri-Fit fabric that lets the sweat slide from the shoe keeping you cool and comfortable.

If you’ve got flat feet, these will be perfect for you since they come with a supportive fit that compresses the arch. You will definitely love the cushioning – the Nike Socks offer it in all the needed areas such as the heel and the forefoot.

Basketball players that “spend” their socks too quickly will love the reinforced heel and toe. They withstand heavy use and regular washing. Finally some durable socks that will last you longer.

I have personally used them on the field, and after 40 washes they still feel all right.

The size runs a bit tight, so make sure to get at least one size larger. Also if you’ve got wide feet these might not be the best choice for you as they are a bit bulky. My feet are a bit narrow so this type of socks helps me get that perfect shoe fit.

Overall, they fit great, come in a variety of colors, and are soft and comfortable.


  • Comfortable, snug fit that absorbs moisture
  • Cushioning in the right places
  • Very durable, they will withstand field abuse and everyday washing
  • Great for players with narrow feet


  • Size runs a bit tight
  • They are bulky and not the best choice for wide feet
  • Expensive, compared to the rest of our list

#2 MadSportsStuff Basketball Crew Socks - Best Basketball Socks to Prevent Blisters

If you’re having a hard time to find socks with matching colors look no further. The MadSportsStuff got you covered! We’re looking at crew length that comes up high enough, just below the knee.

I remember the first time I tried these socks on, they made me feel like I’m walking on air. Very comfortable. They improved my performance and gave me an ease of movement from day one.

Besides the fun colors you can choose from, these socks deal great with odor. The makers of these socks did a great job infusing them with Alphasan Antimicrobials. They help control bacteria and will keep your feet dry and protected.

The sizing is accurate and the material is a mixture of 77% Polypropylene, 17% Nylon, 3% Elastic, and 3% Lycra Spandex making them extremely soft and flexible.

When it comes to performance they offer some great features like arch and ankle compression that reduces fatigue and gives blister control.

One thing to have in mind, unlike the Nike crew socks, these do not last long and you will start seeing some wear and tear quickly. Also they lose their color very quickly so they are not to be used often.



  • Perfect length that comes up just below the knee
  • Odor and bacteria control, which can be a life saver for most basketball players
  • Comfortable and great at keeping your feet dry


  • The material doesn’t last long, they should be used occasionally
  • The colors are not as vivid as shown in the photo

#3 Basketball Sock by ChalkTalk Sports

If you’re looking for socks that dry fast this would be your pick. Unlike the Nike Crew Socks that were made purely of cotton, these provide a COOLMAX blend that is 80% Acrylic, 15% Nylon, and 5% Spandex.

The materal is cuhioned and comfortable, but not as thick as the first two on our list. Making them a great choice for people with wider feet. They are a good quality and will hold up well during the game.

That being said, don’t expect them to last more than 3 months, and the colors fade quickly as well. People have tried air-drying them and that seems to help with the fading of the colors.

The sizing runs small, so make sure you order one size larger than necessary.

This design is made to be a bit tight around the upper portion, so if you have bigger calves than normal they might not work for you. Also it’s worth noting that they come up to low/mid calf.

If you’re looking to get them as a gift they are sure to make a huge impression. Perfect for the beginner basketball player but not recommended for professionals.


  • Great for wider feet
  • Attractive design
  • The unique blend ofmaterials helps them dry faster


  • They don’t last long
  • Not recommended for players with bigger calves

#4 Thorlos Unisex Basketball Crew Sock

This is the underdog of socks on our lists. They don’t come in vibrant colors and they look very simple, but if you’re looking to play harder and longer on the basketball field, you can’t go wrong with the Thorlo.

These socks were specifically made for players that are prone to foot pain, blisters, and discomfort. Basketball players will appreciate the unique padding that is clinically shown to reduce pain and pressure.

The makers of this product have mixed Thor-lon Acrylic, which is supposed to be very comfortable on your feet and it makes 88% of the sock. The rest is 10% stretch nylon and 2% spandex.

This special blend offers excepitonal quality that is recognized as soon as you start wearing them. Say goodbye to pain in your feet caused by fast stops, jumps, and lateral movements.

They come a bit thicker than the rest of the socks on our list, so make sure you wear them when buying new shoes. Also the sizing is a bit smaller, so have that in mind.

The Thorlo socks are considered limos for your feet, and they last a long time without showing any wear and tear. In my experience they lasted a year, which was amazing compared to any other basketball socks I’ve tried.

The only downside is, they don’t stay up so that can get a bit annoying.


  • Great for basketball players that are prone to discomfort and blisters
  • High-quality socks, the last a year before showing wear and tear
  • Extra cushioning which is perfect for players with narrow feet


  • They don’t stay up
  • Sizing runs smaller

#5 Adidas Men's Cushioned Color Crew Socks

When it comes to great cushioning Adidas definitely delivers what is promised. This design offers a full foot bed cushioning and a 360 degrees arch compression for a secure and snug fit.

In terms of quality, we were quite impressed with how long they retain the shape. After 6 months of wearing, they still held their shape, and the colors do not fade at all. The material blend truly wicks moisture and odor.

If you have problems with poor blood circulation these socks will help you out. They feel like compression socks once you try them on. This is perfect for players that have suffered injuries and want to keep their feet tight and compressed.

That being said players that don’t like tight socks will not like these very much. They have an elastic surround for the middle of the foot and it is very tight. Even of you get a larger size you’ll only get larger length, the width doesn’t change at all.

Also, once you get them, make sure you use scissors to remove the tags. If you pull on them it will create holes which is not where you want to be.

Overall these socks are warm enough for winter days, manage well with moisture and they don’t rip and get holes.


  • Durable socks that last a long time without ripping
  • Life-saver for injured feet that need compression
  • They wick moisture and odor


  • Too tight for wide feet

Value Section

When choosing the best basketball socks there are a few elements to take into consideration. Let’s look at the sock height, thickness, and material and why they’re so important when choosing the best basketball socks.

Best Sock Length for Basketball Players

Gone are the days when players used to wear long tube socks that went over their knees. These days you can choose between:

– Crew cut style that goes to the middle of your shins. They are usually used by basketball players, as well as for running or hiking. Basketball players choose them for the added protection.

– Mid cut will reach just above your ankle. They are the best for skating.

– Low cut makes your socks almost invisible. They do not offer added support and are used in everyday life.

Best sock material for basketball players

Pure cotton used to be the standard for quality socks, but it has been established that they do not dry out fast enough. The best basketball socks are usually made from a mixture of polyester, nylon, cotton and elastane.

Synthetic materials deal with the moisture quickly and the keep the shape of the sock much longer. Elastane a.k.a. Spandex makes up around 3% of the sock but gives them flexibility and makes the sock so much more comfortable.

Best Sock Thickness for Basketball Players

Most basketball players prefer thicker socks for the cushioning they provide. It definitely improves the fit of the shoe and you will find your feet sliding less, which is great for quick basketball moves. This is also very beneficial for basketball players that get blisters.

The only thing to have in mind when it comes to sock thickness is the width of your feet. If you’ve got narrow feet, you’ll want thinner socks, or if you need the extra padding make sure you wear the socks you chose when you go purchasing new shoes.


After trying out all the different socks on our list, we have to say that the Thorlo is definitely our favorite kind.

It was a close call between them and the Nike crew socks, but the Thorlo is a definite winner. They are still not well known in the basketball world, but they deserve the first place for sure.

Judging by our own experience we have to say the are the most comfortable and long lasting on our list.

They are not a huge brand name like Adidas or Nike, their design is not as attractive as the ChalkTalk or MadSportsStuff, BUT if you’re looking for superior comfort, durability, and performance that is the winning pair.

We’re talking about protecting your feet and giving them that extra pampering they need. So next time you go on the court, make sure you have Thorlo socks on, and your feet will thank you for sure.