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Best Indoor Basketball in 2019

All serious basketball players want to play with the best indoor basketball that they can get their hands on. As you probably know, using a good ball can help the game be more dynamic and fluid, and it can help individual players perform better than ever. 

Today, the market is flooded with indoor basketball options, making it very difficult for consumers to choose the right product for their particular needs. With that in mind, this guide will go over five of the best basketballs for indoor playing on the market, providing information that will help you make up your mind. 

1. Spalding NBA Zi/O Basketball

If you are looking for a basketball that professionals would play with, the Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball may be the right option for you. Featuring both size and weight that are officially recognized by the NBA, this product allows you to get a feel of what it would be like to train like the professional players. 

Despite being made of a type of composite that is famous for being incredibly slippery when wet, this basketball actually has a very nice grip. This wonderful achievement was made possible through a propriety texture design that uses pebbling to prevent slips from happening. 

In addition to providing a nice grip, the cover of this ball feels soft and leather-like. What is more, it reacts and dribbles with the same finesse a high-quality leather basketball would but with a lot more bounce. 

Without a doubt, many basketball players prefer the Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball due to its balanced and consistent feel, weight and rotation. What is truly surprising about this ball, in our opinion, is that it performs equally well indoor and outdoor. 

If you are looking for a basketball that is durable, this Spalding product may be worth considering. Apart from being scuff resistant and very durable, it has impact-proof seams and a security bladder that will not let any air out. 

As many customers said in their reviews, the Spalding NBA Zi/O is a versatile basketball. In addition to being suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, this ball can easily accommodate itself to various different styles of play. 

As Amazon user Vicent A. said in his review of this product, the NBA Zi/O feels like an authentic indoor NBA basketball. It even features official NBA size and weight, making it a great option for players who want to slowly get used to professional standards. 

Things We Liked

  • Does not deflate with ease.
  • Features a foam backing design for enhanced feel and grip.
  • Great weight/size ratio.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.
  • Official NBA size and weight.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • May bounce unpredictably.
  • Difficult to control.
  • Deflates somewhat quickly.

2. Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball

Without a doubt, Baden is one of the brands that most people think about when asked about basketballs. One of its most popular products, the Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball is renowned for its high level of quality and its efficiency during gameplay. 

Resulting in a less obtrusiveness during gameplay, one of the most important features that this product has is its stealth air valve. In addition to providing a better grip, this reduced valve improves the consistency and reliability of the ball’s bouncing action. 

Considering that it is fully made of composite, a great deal can be said about this basketball’s cover. In addition to having a great leather-like feel, this cover reduces slipperiness, improves your grip and speeds up the dynamism of indoor gameplay. 

Due to its superior construction, this basketball may be a great option for players with professional aspirations. In addition to featuring a perfectly round form, the ball is incredibly well-balanced and resistant to becoming deformed over time due to strain. 

Looking at its value, the Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball is one of the best options available on the market. Without being excessively expensive, this product represents a good option for players who want a professional playing experience. 

In terms of customer reviews, this basketball product has gotten quite a bit of praise. One Amazon user, for example, said about this ball that it has a soft feel, a good release, a good bounce and a soft comedown. 

Various other online reviewers were impressed by the grip, texture and feel that the Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball has to offer. Aries Decker, an Amazon customer, said that the ball’s soft cushioned paneling is perfect for ball handling and dribbling while its channels make shooting a lot easier. 

Things We Liked

  • Consistent bounce due to stealth valve technology.
  • Standard channel design.
  • Very good grip.
  • Does not get slick when wet.
  • Compared to similar products, it is somewhat expensive.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Fragile, unstable valve.
  • Loses air quicker than other indoor basketballs.
  • External cover texture can get smoothed out over time.

3. Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball

There are various good reasons why this is the top selling high school game basketball in the United States. Approved for play by the National Federation of State High School Associations, this Wilson basketball delivers a consistently-fantastic performance. 

Featuring a smartly-textured cover, the Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball takes grip to a whole new level. Apart from textured, the cover is remarkably soft, making the grip even easier and a lot more comfortable. 

Typically, basketballs with soft covers tend to be unpredictable and inconsistent in their bounce. Somehow, the manufacturers of this ball managed to counteract the potential inconsistencies produced by the soft cover, resulting in a very reliable bounce. 

Another thing that stands out about the Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball is its channel design. Instead of being made of smooth rubber, the ball’s channels are made of a pebbled composite material that is not very different from the material that makes up the cover. 

In terms of weight and feel, it needs to be said that this basketball is a bit on the lower side. While this is likely to be great news for players who love shooting three-pointers, this characteristic can detract from the ball’s responsiveness. 

Regarding the public’s response to this indoor basketball, mostly positive things can be said. Amazon user AverageJoe, for example, complimented the softness of the ball’s cover by comparing it to the feel of a luxury car’s seats. 

Despite being somewhat more expensive than the average indoor basketball, the Wilson Evolution is often the first choice for high school basketball coaches. Dougie S, for example, said in his Amazon review of this product that he was impressed with this ball that he bought four for his AAU team. 

Things We Liked ​

  • Very durable.
  • Very good grip and control.
  • Approved by the National Federation of State High School Association.
  • Soft feel due to cushion core carcass.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Easy to over-inflate.
  • Uneven seams.
  • Seams may come off.

4. The Rock Official Mens Basketball

Despite being relatively new, The Rock’s Official Mens Basketball has made a permanent impression on a large number of basketball players and enthusiasts all around the world. Scuff resistant, incredibly durable and leather-like in its feel, the basketball is, without a doubt, a notable product. 

One of the main features that this basketball has to offer is its proprietary Core to Cover technology. This technology makes the ball more reliable while simultaneously preventing deformation from extensive use. 

Something that even the most fervent detractors of this basketball will not be able to deny is that it is durable. Made from strong composite, reinforced with a nylon wound for shape retention, and featuring a reinforced double-ply Butyl bladder, this ball will last for years. 

As if all the previously mentioned features were not enough, this basketball has a unique pebble channel design that results in a remarkable grip. This feature is often mentioned positively by customers in their Amazon reviews of the product. 

Most of the other customers that left reviews on Amazon had very positive things to say about the basketball. In particular, customers seem to be impressed by the control that this product by The Rock allows. 

Going further into the comments and reviews produced by users, it can be said that many customers complimented the durability of this basketball. Some of them even admitted to being incredibly surprised upon seeing that the ball showed little or no signs of damage after being left outside during raining season. 

At this point, we should mention that, in comparison to other high-quality products of the same kind, this basketball is somewhat expensive. However, as Amazon user Lee pointed out, the basketball’s performance and durability provide more than enough value to justify that price. 

Things We Liked ​

  • Luxurious leather-like external feel.
  • Does not need to be broken in.
  • Made of composite material for superior durability.
  • Extremely soft patented rubber carcass.
  • Scuff resistant.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can be slippery when wet.
  • Not regulation size.
  • Can be too bouncy.

5. Wilson Tournament Game Basketball

This is the official basketball of both the NCAA Championships and March Madness, and this is not by chance. Apart from a groundbreaking design, it features an advanced level of construction that makes the most of high-quality materials. 

To be sure, the Wilson Tournament Game Basketball stands out due to its grip. In addition to being textured, the ball’s cover has moisture-absorbing capabilities, preventing slips due to sweat or water. 

This basketball’s grip is further benefited by its patented laid-in channels. If, like some of us, you are big on crossovers, this type of channel design can do wonders for your game. 

In terms of bounce, the Wilson Tournament Game Basketball is up there with the best. Largely, this has to do with Cushion-Core, a technology that provides consistency, stability and a smooth overall feel. 

If you listen to the opinion of most people who reviewed this product, there are several characteristics that give this product its position among the best indoor basketballs on the market. More than anything, however, this basketball is a reliable one, which justifies the fact that it’s NCAA and NFHS approved. 

Without a doubt, this is a basketball that feels just right. After playing with it for an entire afternoon, we got extremely used to the consistency of its bounce, the tightness of its grip and its fantastic balance between size and weight. 

S. Gray, an Amazon user who gave this basketball five stars out of five, agrees with us on all these points. The user said the ball has a soft touch, a nice level tackiness, a perfect bounce and a great overall feel. 

Things We Liked ​

  • Moisture-absorbing cover.
  • Laid in channels for additional grip.
  • Consistent, stable bounce.
  • Very durable.
  • Does not deflate with ease.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Easily scuffed.
  • Not NBA regulation size.

Buyer’s Guide

What Particularities Does Indoor Basketball Have?

Indoor basketball is played on a special type of surface that makes the game smoother and more dynamic. In addition, indoor courts make it possible for basketballs to use softer materials, resulting in a more precise bouncing and quicker gameplay. 

What is more, indoor basketball courts allow basketballs to use different textures and materials for their cover and channels, resulting in a better grip that is often anti-slips. Even better, indoor basketballs tend to be lighter than their outdoor counterparts. 

Main Features of Indoor Basketballs

Apart from their level of quality, basketballs can be classified according to different factors. The most notable are: 

• Size: Generally speaking, there are three main sizes that basketballs come in. With ease and quickness in mind, these sizes are referred to as 5,6 and 7. 

When it comes to professional basketball, the NBA and NCAA recognize size 7 (29 and a half inches in circumference, around 22 ounces of weight) as being the official one for men’s games. 

Likewise, both the NBA and the NCAA recognize basketballs that are size 6 (28 and a half inches in circumference, around 20 ounces of weight) as being the official one for women’s matches. 

As you may have imagined, size 5 (27 and a half inches in circumference, around 18 ounces of weight) is reserved for youth basketball games. 

• Materials and construction: Without a doubt, the materials and construction of the ball are essential for its performance and durability. In particular, its lifetime is determined by the quality of the materials that were used to create it. 

Apart from determining its duration, both the materials and the construction of a basketball will affect the way it bounces, dribbles and shoots. What is more, these factors will play a big role in the ball’s grip. 

There are various materials that are used to create professional basketballs, each of them having advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most common are leather, rubber, composite and various other synthetic materials. 

• Color and print: While they are only cosmetic features, the color and print of a basketball are important. Typically, they are orange and black but some manufacturers offer other designs in different colors. 

Things to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Basketball

• Playing environment: Of course, you should select a basketball that is well-suited for the kind of environment you will be playing in. Most balls are either for indoor or outdoor use, though some of them can be used in both scenarios. 

• Gender considerations: As previously mentioned, both the NBA and the NCAA make a difference between basketball sizes for men and basketball sizes for women. Due to their stronger physique, men are required to play with a ball that is larger and slightly heavier. 

• Age considerations: It’s often the case that parents give their kids adult-sized basketballs to play with. The best thing to do is to get children a basketball that is size 5 or less. 

How to Care For Your Indoor Basketball

It does not matter whether your ball is made of rubber, leather or composite. In order to maintain its shape and performance, it needs to be cared of properly. Take the following tips into consideration: 

• Always store the basketball at room temperature 

• Keep your basketball inflated with the appropriate amount of air. 

• After every use, take a damp cloth and clean all the debris and dirt from your ball. 

• If needed, you may use warm water and liquid soap to clean the basketball. 

• Never soak your ball in water for prolonged periods of time. 

• Never expose the basketball to excessive cold, heat, direct sunlight, rain or any other potentially-harmful elements. 

• Do not use your basketball to play any other sports or games. 

How to Store Your Indoor Basketball

As previously mentioned, you should always store your indoor basketball at room temperature and without exposing it to excessive sunlight. Additionally, make sure that it’s fully inflated before you store it. 

If you are not planning on using your indoor basketball, you can deflate it before you store it. If you go through this process, though, make extra sure that you store it in a dry, cool and well-shaded spot. 


Without a doubt, all five products featured in this guide are strong contenders for the title of best indoor basketball on the market. However, only one of them has managed to impress us enough to receive this coveted distinction.

Without further ado, here is our choice for best indoor basketball: The Rock Official Mens Basketball. Featuring a fantastic grip, a consistently-great bounce and an astounding level of durability, this indoor basketball has managed to impress us in an unprecedented way.

As we mentioned during the review for this product, The Rock Official Mens Basketball has a luxurious leather-like external feel, a textured cover that provides a tight grip and a clever channel design that maintains inflation while improving your maneuverability. What’s more, this basketball is more durable than all the other products featured in this list.