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Best Knee Wraps for Squats in 2020

When you’re working out you need to use the best equipment around. Having a good workout helps you to give you the results you’re looking for, along with boosting your self-confidence.

There are so many different types of knee wraps out there that but it can be hard to find the right one. This article will help you find the best knee wraps for squats allowing you to get on with your workout while remaining focused on your goals.

1. DMoose Fitness Knee Wraps

The Dmoose fitness knee wraps are strong and sturdy can come in the colors of the American flag. These wraps help to give your knees the support they need so you can prevent any sudden twists while you focus on your workout.

Complete with a lifetime guarantee and fully adjustable, the Dmoose knee wraps come with a secure hook and loop closure so you’re comfortable at all times.
The price of these wraps is pretty good, they’re 78 inches long which means they will wrap around just about any size leg. Suitable for both men and women the knee wraps have an attractive design which makes them stand out from the crowd.

Customers who have previously purchased these knee wraps have said they’re well made, and offer great knee support. Other customers have mentioned that the wraps are very comfortable, offering them the stability and support they need.

Things We Liked

  • The colorful design makes them stand out
  • 78 inches long, ideal for thick legs
  • Helps to support knees
  • Help with knee stress

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Velcro can pull at the fabric
  • The wraps can be a little thick
  • Not always easy to unhook

2. Contraband Black Label Classic Knee Wraps

The Contraband black label classic knee wraps come in a stylish black and white striped finish and is made from low stretch hard cotton. Ideal for use when you’re lifting 405 pounds or more, these knee wraps certainly mean business.

Sold for a reasonably good price, the wraps are available in 3 different sizes from 2 meters to 3 meters in length. The differing lengths mean they’re ideal for legs of many different sizes.

These knee wraps are pretty stiff, which would have been ideal for some of the competitors at the World Strongest Man event as a few of their wraps kept slipping.

Customers who have previously purchased these knee wraps have said that the really like these wraps. The rubber logo at the end of the wraps is ideal as it helps you to pull the wrap a little tighter.

Customers have also said the 2 meter wraps seem to give as much support as some 2.5 meter wraps. They also mentioned that they’re ideal for serious weightlifters as they’re pretty stiff.

Things We Liked

  • A nice classic design that’s not too colorful
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Ideal for lifting 405 pounds or more
  • Available individually or in pairs

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The wraps may not be long enough
  • Not as thick as some people may like
  • Not ideal for those starting out

3. ProFitness Knee Wraps

The ProFitness weightlifting knee wraps can offer a reduction in knee injuries while also helping users to improve their dead lift stability. 72 inches long and completely adjustable the wraps are ideal for men and women.

These wraps aren’t just made to be used when weightlifting, you can also use them for cross fit, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. Made to be extremely comfortable, the ProFitness wraps are also useful for muscle recovery as they help to reduce inflammation and swelling.
These knee wraps come with a pleasant gray and black striped finish and look like they mean business. The square of rubber on the end of the wraps that is highlighted with the ProFitness logo ensures users can tighten or loosen the wraps as they please.

Price-wise, these wraps are pretty reasonable and they come complete with enhanced compression, ensuring users have maximum control no matter what they’re doing.
Customers who have previously purchased these knee wraps have said the wraps are very durable and have exceeded their expectations. The Velcro straps hold everything in place very nicely and are ideal if you want to stabilize your knees.

Things We Liked ​

  • Available in a range of colors
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Extra strength making them last longer

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not great for using in competitions
  • Can bunch up behind the knees
  • A little too stretchy for some

4. RIMSports Knee Wraps

With a smooth black and gray design and offering a flexible fit, the RIMSports knee wrap is elasticated so your knees have all the support they need. Ideal for squatting, bodybuilding, and weightlifting, the wraps have been made to last.

Machine washable, you can use these wraps again even if you’ve sweated profusely during your workout. These wraps would have been ideal when I was working out and spilled half a bottle of energy drink down them.

Price-wise, you are getting a good deal as you’ll also be getting some wrist wraps too. Made from high quality fabric the wraps are ideal for even the toughest workout.

Customers who have previously purchased these knee wraps have said the strain that their knees are usually under are not there. There have also been comments about being able to add reps to each set

Things We Liked ​

  • They come with a nice design
  • Ideal for a range of sports
  • They have a good reputation

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They tear easily
  • Can be hard to walk with

5. EVDA Prime
Best Knee Wraps for Raw Squats

The EVDA Prime knee wraps come complete with a free pair of wrist wraps and the right amount of compression. With the maximum stretch, thanks to the premium synthetic materials users should be able to tell the difference when they lift.

3 inches wide and 72 inches long, even those with the thickest legs should be able to use these wraps. Price-wise, the EVDA wraps are reasonable and make them even more of a bargain.
Ideal for use during weightlifting, power lifting, cross fit, bodybuilding, squatting or dead lifts these wraps are very versatile. With the ability to support your joints while compressing them, the wraps are easy to use thanks to the hook and loop system.

Customers who have previously purchased these knee wraps have said they cannot get any better support from other wraps. Other customers have commented that they’re long-lasting and help with workouts.

Things We Liked ​

  • Comes with free wrist straps
  • Made from heavy duty materials
  • Great knee support
  • Long lasting

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Velcro tends to tear easily
  • They’re big and bulky
  • Not very comfortable

6. Grip Power Pads Knee Wraps

The Grip Power Pads knee wraps stand out from the crowd a little thanks to their colors. A mixture of black, red, blue, and yellow ensure these wraps are seen and don’t look the same as every other wrap out there.

Price-wise the wraps are a little cheaper than some, but not by very much. The cheapness of these wraps would have been ideal when I was low on money but needed new wraps.

With the ability to stabilize the knee while supporting blood flow, the wraps are ideal for squats, weightlifting, and even for runners who need that extra bit of knee support. Designed by a doctor, the Grip Power Pads wraps are flexible enough to give you all the support you need.

Finally, these wraps are ideal if you are experiencing joint pain and need to give your knees a little more support.

Customers who have previously purchased these knee wraps have said these wraps are made from very durable material and they are ideal if you plan to lift heavy weights. The wraps also have a reputation for bouncing back a little more than neoprene wraps tend to.

Things We Liked ​

  • They are more colorful than many wraps
  • They were designed by a doctor
  • The wraps are ideal for men and women

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They’re not as thick as some wraps
  • The Velcro pulls at the fabric
  • They’re only available in one size

7. Iron Bull Strength Knee Wraps

The Iron Bull knee wraps are a serious-looking pair of wraps and come complete with a black finish and the Iron Bull logo at the top of the wraps. An impressive 80 inches long, these wraps are much longer than many others making them ideal for those larger, wider legs.

The hook and loop system that comes with the wrap as standard ensures that the wraps will not slip or roll while you’re working out. I appreciate this feature as I like to focus on my workouts and not worry if my wraps are going to stay where they should be.

Made from top-grade Velcro, the wraps can be secured very well, and thanks to the double stitching on the Velcro you won’t need to worry about it tearing. Price-wise, these wraps are a little more expensive than some but they are of a high quality so you will get what you pay for.

Customers who have previously purchased these knee wraps have said they give the knees a lot of protection and they are ideal for doing all kinds of squats. The wraps also have a reputation for being nice and tight, allowing you to get on with your exercise and lift heavier weights.

Things We Liked

  • The length of the wraps
  • The secure hook and loop system
  • They’re made from high quality Velcro

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They are a little more expensive than some wraps
  • They may be too long for some users
  • Some customers have complained about the Velcro tearing

8. Harbinger 46300 Knee Wraps

The Harbinger knee wraps are ideal for weightlifting and squats and come with competition-grade materials ensuring that users have maximum support at all times. 78 inches in length, the wraps are ideal for those who have large legs and those who have smaller legs too.

Available in a red and black striped design, these knee wraps are ideal for those who want their wraps to look different from everyone else’s, but not too colorful. Complete with a 90-day warranty the Harbinger wraps are good quality even if they’re a little more expensive than some.

Customers who have previously purchased these knee wraps have said they’re ideal if you want to lift more than 600 pounds as they support your weight. They also take the right amount of weight off your knees.

Other customers have said these wraps can be a little uncomfortable but they are supportive and quite thick.

Things We Liked

  • The red and black finish
  • Offers you maximum support
  • Ideal for those who want to lift heavy weights

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They can be uncomfortable
  • They cost a little more than some wraps
  • Tend to slip out of place now and again

9. Fit Active Knee Wraps

The Fit Active Sports knee wraps have a very professional finish and are made from durable materials so they last. Ideal for use when you’re squatting, the wraps come with a hook and loop design so they’re easy to use and wear.

Suitable for both men and women thew wraps are just slightly more expensive than many others on the market, but they are also great quality. Ideal for squats, power lifting, cross training, less presses and so much more, these wraps are ideal if you like to partake in a variety of exercises.

72 inches long, these knee wraps are ideal for beginners and professionals. What’s more is they are very comfortable and will support your knees very nicely.

These wraps are perhaps one of my favorite brands as they’re all very nicely made and they look very professional. They would have been ideal at my latest photo shoot as they look good with any outfit.

Customers who have previously purchased these knee wraps have said they’re very high quality and quite thick. They also mentioned that the wraps stabilize your knees very well and take a lot of stress off them.

Things We Liked

  • Nice professional finish
  • Very comfortable
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A little too thick for some
  • Not always easy to put on

10. Inzer Gripper Knee Wraps

The Inzer Gripper knee wraps immediately stand out as they have a yellow/gray/black finish that is very obvious. Offering maximum rebound, these wraps ensure that your knees take very little strain.

Sold for almost twice as much as the other wraps I’ve looked at, these may be of a higher quality. With the ability to grip easily, the wraps will not take long to put around your knees as there’s nothing fiddly to deal with.

Available in 3 different sizes and thought to be very comfortable, the Inzer wraps are ideal if you need wraps that are tight or loose.

Customers who have previously purchased these knee wraps have said they are ideal if you need a lot of support. The rubber grips that come with the wraps as standard ensure they do not slip when you’re at the bottom of your squat.

Other customers have stated that the wraps are comfortable and are approved for use in competitions.

Things We Liked

  • They’re available in 3 different sizes
  • The wraps are very easy to use
  • They stand out thanks to their unique pattern

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They’re almost twice as expensive as many other wraps
  • They’re not ideal if you’re under 5 foot 5
  • They can slip from time to time

Buyer’s Guide

What Makes a Good Knee Wrap?

Knee wraps have no moving parts which means there isn’t much information that you need to consider before you buy a knee wrap. However, there are a few factors you should consider before you make that all-important purchase.

It’s imperative that you purchase good quality wraps as they can have a significant impact on your squats and any other part of your workout. A pair of good quality knee wraps should not stretch too much, in other words, you should get at least a few months out of them before they stretch a lot.

You will also need to make sure that you stay away from wraps that have poor quality fastenings as they will not last. Another factor to take into consideration is fraying, if the material has already started to fray you’ll need to opt for a better quality wrap instead.

A good knee wrap, to begin with, will need to be soft enough to use. It may take you a while to get used to wearing them so you’ll need to start with a soft wrap or pair of wraps.
Once you get used to wearing your wraps you may want to progress to a wrap that is not as soft.
When wearing a new set of wraps for the first time you may feel a little uncomfortable. However, you should get used to the wraps after a while. If the wraps cause you any pain or discomfort you should remove them immediately.

One of the most important things you need to consider when buying a pair of wraps is the length. While many wraps are 72 inches long, you may need longer wraps.
It should be possible to wrap the material all the way around your knee and 1 or 2 inches above the knee and below it. If your wrap is not the right length it will not work well for you.

You can typically buy knee wraps for not very much money, however, the cheapest wraps out there may not be very good. This is likely to be because they may be made from cheaper materials which will not last very long.

If you want to buy the best wraps on the market you’ll need to opt for wraps that are slightly more expensive than the majority of them. They will typically be tougher than a cheaper set of wraps and they’re likely to last longer too.

How Knee Wraps can Help

Knee wraps can help you because they work to protect your knee and its muscles. If you’ve ever done a squat without using a knee wrap or two you’ll know how much strain it puts on your knee.

A wrap will protect your knee by reducing inflammation, improving blood flow and taking some of the strain. This potentially means you can lift even heavier weights each time you squat thanks to the protection and strength of a wrap.


Can anyone use a knee wrap?

Yes, they have been made to be used by weightlifters, bodybuilders, those who Cross fit, and many other types of exercise. If you lift heavy weights or put a strain on your knees you’ll need to use a knee wrap.

How do you wrap the material around your knee?

Some people use a spiral method which, this method sees you overlapping layers of wrap as you work along the knee. Other people use a cross method which involves overlapping your knee using an x-shape and vertically wrapping the knee.

Use whatever method you feel most comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to move from one method to another while you work out which is the best for you.

When should you replace a knee wrap?

Ideally, you should not need to replace your knee wraps for at least 6 months. However, the quality of the wraps you buy and how you use them will affect things.

You will need to replace a knee wrap when it has become frayed, the Velcro is not sticking, or it’s too small for your legs. You’ll also have to look out for any holes and loose bits of material in the wrap as they can impact how well your wraps work.

Squat Photo

Knee Sleeves vs Knee Wraps

Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are usually worn during a squat or lifting work. Worn over your knee they are usually made from neoprene and can be quite comfortable.

Good points

Knee sleeves work to protect your knees from injury or damage, however, they cannot make any current injury any better. They do, however, provide compression which can help to reduce pain and increase blood flow. This is the case both during a workout and after it, helping you to recover a little bit quicker.


Knee sleeves can be quite expensive, sometimes quite a bit more than knee wraps. They also need to be washed fairly often as neoprene tends to start smelling if it’s not washed after 2-3 uses.

Knee Wraps

Knee wraps are worn by bodybuilders and power lifters and they are made of the same type of material as wrist wraps. Knee wraps are designed to be worn around the knee using a diagonal or spiral method.

Good points

Knee wraps allow the users to lift more weights, it does this during the downward part of the squat. The tightness of the wrap allows energy to be stored, this energy is then released during the upward part of the squat.

Knee wraps are also thought to reduce stress on the tendons around the knee and attached to the knee cap. This can help to reduce incidences of injury which can be all too common. This is why many of those who lift weights professionally use knee wraps when they squat.


Knee wraps are thought to help you move a bit more weight but they are also reported to not make you any stronger. However, this has been disputed as when you begin to lift more weight your body develops more strength.

The Conclusion

When we compare knee sleeves and knee wraps to each other it’s clear to see that they both have good points and disadvantages. There is a good reason why many professional athletes choose to use knee wraps and that’s because they allow people to shift some very heavy weights.

What’s more is they tend to be a lot more reliable than knee sleeves, making them the obvious choice.

How Much do Knee Wraps Help your Squats?

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that knee wraps can help your squats quite a lot. As the wraps are taking some of the strain they make lifting heavier weights so much easier.

They can also help athletes to perform a few more reps than they otherwise would. It’s thought that knee wraps could help you lift another 5 to 10 kilograms that you may struggle to lift otherwise.

However, this all depends on the individual wearing the wraps and the brand of wrap they have chosen to wear.

My advice is to make sure you don’t try to lift too much while you’re training. Use the knee wraps as instructed and carry on lifting the weights as per normal. When you are confident that you can attempt a heavier set of weights you should do so carefully, ensuring you have the correct posture at all times.

Manufacturers of knee wraps will not accept responsibility for injuries that take place while you are using their products. Be smart and be sensible as you’re less likely to injure yourself.

How to Wash Knee Wraps?

If you use your knee wraps every day, chances are they will start to become dirty. While some users are happy to wash their knee wraps with their other laundry, the wash cycle you use will depend on the brand of knee wraps you have purchased.


If your knee wraps are particularly dirty you may wish to soak them in water. Once they have soaked for at least 30 minutes, rinse the wraps well so that any dirt is washed away. Allow the knee wraps to air dry.

If your wraps do not smell clean at this stage you should consider spraying them with some fabric freshener.

In the washing machine

If you would prefer to wash your knee wraps in the washing machine please make sure you always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If your wraps did not come with any washing instructions you should consider washing them on a hand wash cycle.

Try not to use too much laundry powder as it may harm the fabric. Use a small scoop if you’re washing the wraps on their own.

Your wraps will still be wet once they have been through a hand wash cycle so you may want to gently spin them or allow them to air dry.


The clear winner of the roundup is the EVDA Prime Knee Wraps thanks to their good price and versatility. While some more expensive wraps do perform quite well, they tend to have a lot of disadvantages which makes you want to re-think buying them.

The Inzer Gripper knee wraps come in at second place, but they are a lot more expensive than you would expect to pay and they still have their downsides. The EVDA Prime wraps are long and customers have stated that more expensive wraps do not perform any better.

The EVDA Prime Knee Wraps are undoubtedly the best knee wraps for squats fulfill all of the important needs as they are soft, high quality, long and are a reasonable price. For a cheap product that also comes with free wrist wraps, they are surprisingly good