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Nike Kobe AD NXT 360 Review


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If you are looking for a pair of sneakers that are a cut above the rest you may want to read this Nike Kobe AD NXT 360 Review. This review will show you how these sneakers are making a bit of an impact wherever they’re worn.

When you need a pair of sneakers that are a real pleasure to wear and comfortable at the same time you need to purchase something special. This is where the Nike Kobe AD’s come in and announce their arrival.

This is no ordinary pair of sneakers, this is a pair of sneakers that have been made to be enjoyed. If you need a pair of sneakers that look and feel good, these are the sneakers that you need to get serious about.

With a classic Nike finish complete with all the technical specifications you’d expect from a Nike sneaker if you’re looking for something that’s a little special you’re in the right place. The Kobe AD NXT 360’s are here, and it looks like they’re here to stay.

Things We Liked

  • The Nike Kobe AD NXT 360 is made from thin but very supportive materials.
  • This pair of sneakers is very durable and should last a long time.
  • The sneakers seem to mold to your feet, offering you the support you need.
  • Very well ventilated, your feet should not overheat no matter how hard you’re playing.
  • The support you can expect from these sneakers is nothing short of incredible.
  • The shank plate that has been added for stability and it works well to protect your feet and ankles.
  • With 2 different types of foam used, these shoes are exceedingly comfortable.
  • You get a lot of impact protection from these sneakers making them ideal for use on the court or anywhere you please.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The traction’s performance it isn’t the best out there which may disappoint you slightly.
  • The fit is a little large so you may need to opt for a half-size smaller.


The Kobe AD NXT 360’s materials are nothing short of impressive from the very beginning. The material is quite thin but it is very durable and supportive so it’s not an issue at all. This is not what you would expect from material that’s as thin as it is which makes it all the more impressive.

It seems that Nike has excelled itself here, making these sneakers even more pleasurable to wear.

The flyknit that you see on the top of the sneakers does not stretch much thanks to the heating process that ensures it stays where it is. However, the flyknit does move well when you move so you shouldn’t feel like it’s holding you back at all.

The flyknit is a great addition and it makes the Kobe AD NXT 360 what it is, an excellent sneaker.

If you are looking for a pair of sneakers that seem to move with your feet, these are the ones to opt for. You won’t have to deal with any part of the sneaker refusing to move as it just does and with ease and simplicity.

When my cousin was shopping for a pair of sneakers a few weeks ago I wish he’d have tried these ones on. However, his loyalty lies elsewhere and needless to say, he is happy with his sneakers but I think these ones would have molded around his feet much better.

The Nike Kobe AD NXT 360 could offer my cousin the support he needs but he chose to stick with other sneakers that just aren’t up to scratch. Maybe he will learn the error of his ways!

The upper part of these excellent sneakers are minimal and it means that the upper part does not stretch at all. You, therefore, will not have to worry about your great new sneakers being affected by every move that you make.

The material provides the wearer with a lot of ventilation and helps the Kobe AD NXT 360’s to feel even more comfortable while you play basketball or whatever you’re doing. This means you can simply get on with whatever you’re doing and let the materials do their job.


The Nike Kobe AD NXT 360 has a translucent pattern that works well. The traction looks ok but is nothing special, however, it doesn’t really matter what the traction looks like as long as it performs as well as it should.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the traction’s performance it isn’t the best out there which is slightly disappointing. If you play basketball on a dirty court you will find that you’ll get a bit of dust here and there.

You may find that your new Kobe AD NXT 360’s collect more dust than you would have thought. If you want to ensure they don’t collect dust you may want to give them a wipe whenever you have the chance.

You won’t have to wipe them down every five minutes but you may find yourself cleaning out the dust and dirt whenever you have the chance. It’s this that could make the sneakers a little less than perfect in a lot of people’s opinion.

If you play on a clean basketball court you will find that these sneakers are ideal as they do not collect much dust, if any at all. Once the traction breaks in, which shouldn’t be long, you will find that all is as expected.

While there will be a bit of dust accumulation you will find that a quick wipe down will do the job nicely. Good traction would have been ideal for me last week when I was enjoying a spot of basketball.

Unfortunately, the sneakers I was wearing collected a lot of dust even on a seemingly clean basketball court. I ended up changing them half way through the game out of sheer frustration, which was disappointing.

The point is, if you are looking to play on a clean court these sneakers are ideal as a quick wipe halfway through the game should be sufficient. However, if you’re playing on a very clean court you should not need to wipe them at all.


When it comes to the fit of the Nike Kobe AD NXT 360 you’re likely to find that they are quite long. You may wish to wear a half-size smaller depending on how you wear your sneakers.

If you like to have a lot of room in your sneakers then you’ll find that the Kobe AD NXT 360’s are true to size. However, if you have wide feet you will be disappointed.

If you try on the size that you usually take you may find these sneakers to be pretty uncomfortable as you’ll be stretching them out. Try and opt for a size larger or a half-size larger just to see how you do with them.

One of the best things you can do is try the sneakers on in a store so you know what size to buy online. The Nike Kobe AD NXT 360’s are already quite close to the ground so if you opt for your normal size you may find that you’re sinking even lower into the ground.

I wish I’d have tried these sneakers on in a store first as I did buy a size too small. I ended up giving the shoes to my brother who adores them and wears them at every available opportunity.

I had no option but to buy another pair of the Kobe AD NXT 360’s in the correct size and they are spot on.
Do yourself and your feet a favor and try the sneakers on in a store and only opt to buy them online when you’ve found a size that’s comfortable.


The support you can expect from these sneakers is nothing short of incredible. Most of the support comes from the midsole which cups the whole of your foot and seems to cradle it.

Be aware that if you don’t have the midsole you will have no support whatsoever. You will simply feel like you’re walking bare foot so make sure that drop-in midsole is there at all times as you’ll reap the benefits.

Underneath the midsole is a shank plate that has been added for stability and there’s no doubt that it works well. You’ll also find the heel counter cradles the heel very nicely, keeping it in place.

The icing on the cake has to be the flyknit as it wraps the midsole and the foot adding even more support. I tend to roll my ankles from time to time and last November I would have appreciated the support these sneakers offer.

I rolled one of my ankles quite badly and could not walk properly for a few months. While the Kobe AD NXT 360’s would not have prevented me rolling my ankle it may have made my injury a little less worse.

Word to the wise: always wear sneakers that offer great support, you never know when you might need it.


When it comes to cushioning your feel, the Nike Kobe AD NXT 360 excels here. The drop-in midsole comes with Lunarlon foam that is located along the outer edge, offering more structure and support.

In addition to this, the plush React foam that is found along the center of the midsole adds something more. Your feet are welcomed into the sneaker by a bit of softness that you are sure to enjoy.

I really appreciate this feature as I’ve had a few sneakers that have been a little hard on my feet. I may be extra sensitive because my ankles roll but the softness makes the sneaker seem even more comfortable and comforting.

The dual-density foam is just wonderful and in addition to this, you also get some impact protection that you would expect from a court shoe.

If you apply a bit of force to the sneakers while you’re running or jumping you’ll find that the cushion does tend to become a little bit stiff.

This means you won’t sink right into the midsole which is great as it means the React foam is doing its job.

If you’re standing around or walking while wearing the sneakers you will find that the cushioning feels a little bouncy and so very comfortable. This just adds to the enjoyment that you’ll have when wearing the Nike Kobe AD NXT 360’s.


The Nike Kobe AD NXT 360 is one of the best sneakers out there, there is no doubt about it. If you are a fan of Nike’s sneakers you may agree with me when I say they are the best since Nike’s Kobe 9’s. While the traction just isn’t as good as the 9’s it seems that this sneaker is excellent almost everywhere else.

The Kobe AD NXT 360 have been made to look good and feel good and they certainly do. While every pair of sneakers that you come across has a few faults, the faults that come with the Kobe AD NXT 360 can be ignored.

If you’re looking for a pair of sneakers that look good and stand out from the crowd this is a pair that will not disappoint you. Just make sure you try them on in the store before you buy them online and you’ll have some sneakers that you’re proud to wear.

Final Verdict

It has been a pleasure working on this Kobe AD NXT 360 Review as these sneakers are some of the best out there right now. Fingers crossed this review has shown you how good these sneakers are and that those little pockets of disappointment can be ignored.

In truth, if you need or want a pair of sneakers to last you a while or to help you show off to your buddies you can’t go wrong with the Nike Kobe AD NXT 360’s. My advice? add them to your growing sneaker collection as soon as you can, you won’t regret it.