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Nike Lebron Soldier 12 Review


FIT 91%

When you want a good pair of basketball shoes you’ll no doubt browse a few online stores looking for something great. This is where this Lebron Soldier 12 review can help you.

These shoes are nothing short of stylish and sophisticated offering you things that other basketball shoes fail to offer. You want a pair of shoes that look good and feel good to wear whether you’re playing a game or wearing them at home.

The Lebron Solider 12 offers you more than you think. They are a great basketball shoe while being very comfortable to wear and that’s exactly what you need.

Style and sophistication come together to make the Solider 12 a great shoe.

Things We Liked

  • You get a good choice of materials which not every shoe offers.
  • The shoes are very durable and should last a long time.
  • The LeBron Soldier 12’s traction is very impressive.
  • These shoes fit very well and are quite true to size.
  • The 12’s offer your feet a lot of support.
  • There’s just the right amount of cushioning in the shoe.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The bottom of the shoe could have a bit more room to it.
  • If chosen, the suede toe cap can start to age quite quickly.
  • They don’t fit very well around the ankles.


The Soldier 12 comes with a BattleKnit-like construction and is there no matter what color shoes you choose to buy. However, the toe cap can change depending on which shoes you wish to buy, this is a good option that not every manufacturer offers.

You have the choice of suede leather which is shiny and patented, or you can go with synthetic leather if you wish. You can also choose from a canvas material which is pretty comfortable and still looks good.

I think offering a synthetic option is good for those who do not wish to wear leather. Some people would prefer not to wear leather at all, which is great if you’re looking for a fantastic shoe that’s vegan-friendly.

The leather option is good for those who are happy to wear leather because they know it looks good and it can be quite tough. You may, however, need to ensure that you don’t get your nice new basketball shoes wet as suede can become damaged when exposed to water.

You may, therefore, have to play in other shoes if it’s been raining and you intend to play a game outside. This is a real shame but at least it will protect your shoes ensuring they last longer.

When it comes to durability you will find that the canvas option does tend to last quite a while. You’ll find that it also doesn’t look as worn as the leather option does even though it may not have a hugely stylish finish.

However, with the leather toe cap, you will have a higher class finish which is ideal if that’s what you’re looking for. You can wear the basketball shoes with pride and show them off if that’s what you like to do.

When it comes to the circular-knit sock it is similar to BattleKnit that was seen on the LeBron 15. This is due to the way it has been designed by Nike.
The sock fits really well even when you take it straight out of the box. It stretches well which is always a bonus and offers quite a lot of support.


While there is no herringbone on the bottom of these shoes this is not an issue. A lot of people rely on herringbone to make sure they have a lot of traction but these basketball shoes are different.

The pattern that you’ll find on the bottom of the Soldier 12’s is like a maze and it certainly seems to work well. Each of the grooves is spaced out well and there are channels on each side of the shoe.

These channels ensure that dust is collected and it has the chance to escape. What this ultimately means is that you should have a lot of traction every time you wear the 12’s.

The traction is nothing short of superb and you should have no problem sticking to the floor even if you’re playing on a dirt court. If you are playing on a very dirty court you may find that a few wipes now and again are sufficient enough.

I wish I’d have had these basketball shoes when I was playing a game a few weeks ago. My feet were no sliding all over the place but I certainly had a few issues.

I found I had to wipe my shoes every 5 minutes which was nothing short of frustrating. This meant that I couldn’t play the game at my very best.

If I’d had these shoes I would have been able to concentrate on the game in hand. I guess this is the lesson I’ve learned.


When it comes to the fit of these LeBron Soldier 12’s you will be pleased to know that they fit very well. There are a lot of basketball shoes out there that are either too big or too small for your feet but this isn’t the case with these shoes.

I think the fit comes from the strap system that you have in place of lacing. It seems that you can tighten the shoes a lot better and they seem to ensure your feet fit well.

This is great news for anyone who has struggled to find basketball shoes to fit them. I think the stretchable sock also helps with this issue as it does seem to stretch very nicely and almost mold around your feet.

You will find that when you do your shoes up that there’s no empty space around your foot. This is not to say that there’s so much that the shoes feel big, this is not the case at all.

It seems that the shoe’s upper moves and stretches when you do. What this means is that the lockdown that you end up having is superb, I think this is the second time I’ve used that word in this article but with good reason.

The fit of the shoe means that you won’t have to worry about your feet slipping or moving in the Soldier 12’s at all. This is great news as it means you’ll basically have full control over your feet the whole time.

If you would like your new LeBron’s to fit really well around your ankle you may find these shoes are no good for you. This is because the ankle area leaves a lot of space around your ankle.

It does still offer the support you’re looking for but you won’t get that tight feel that you may like. However, if you have to play in an ankle brace you’ll find these shoes are ideal.

You will find there’s enough room around your ankle brace so you can move well but without it impeding your game. You don’t get this with every shoe so it’s very much appreciated.

If you’re not convinced that the LeBron Soldier 12’s will fit you nicely you could always try them on first. I prefer to try shoes on in a store before I buy them as it ensures I always buy the right size.

Give a few sizes a try and see what you think. When you’ve found a size that fits you can buy the right size online without any worries.


When it comes to support, you will find that they are nothing short of superb but only in the higher part of the shoe. The support here is so good that it’s almost legendary.

However, when you consider the lower part of the shoe the support rating does drop slightly but only by a little. The good news is that this shoe’s support seems to beat the support offered by almost every other shoe.

If you make sure you secure the straps tightly you will find that you’ll have a lot of lateral support. This is nothing short of awesome as far as slipping is concerned as you won’t have to worry about it.

While the bottoms of the shoe could be a little wide you do have an outrigger which seems to compensate which is good enough. However, when you are working hard on the court and you really need a lot of support you may find that the lack of room is a little worrying.

You just need to get used to the lack of space and you probably will. When I first purchased these basketball shoes I was concerned about the lack of space but to be honest I did get used to it after a while.

If I could choose between having more space or more support I’d absolutely choose having more support. Support is vital and the LeBron Soldier 12’s have a lot of it and for that I am grateful.


When it comes to the issue of cushioning you will find that the Soldier 12’s are very good. This is great news for anyone (Like me) who has found a few basketball shoes lacking in this area.

This shoe has a loaded forefoot as well as the heel. The Zoom Air feature that’s been added along with the Phylon carrier means that lack of comfort is not an issue.

This shoe has been designed for basketball players who play in a range of positions. This means that you should find these shoes are comfortable in all areas.

The heel has a lot of impact protection along with a bit of cushioning. This is ideal for large basketball players who need all of that protection.

When it comes to the forefoot you will find there’s some cushioning there but there’s not too much. This means you should not find that playing in these shoes takes away the court-feel you’re used to.

I wish I had the chance to play in the LeBron Soldier 12’s a few weeks ago as the shoes I was wearing just didn’t offer the cushioning I need. This meant that while I did have some of that court-like feel it was all a bit too rough on my feet.

Couple this with the fact that my feet were sliding everywhere and you can see why my game just wasn’t that great.


The LeBron Soldier 12 is a good basketball shoe, there’s no doubt about it. Nike has clearly worked hard to get these shoes to a standard that will make everyone want to wear them.

When we compare these shoes to last year’s shoes they are certainly far superior. There don’t seem to be any major issues with the 12’s and although I would like just a bit more room around the bottom of the shoe they’re still nothing short of superior.

If you are looking to play basketball in a shoe then these could be the ideal shoes for you. If you intend to play outside you should reconsider buying the shoes with the suede toe cap.

Otherwise, you could find that these shoes which were lovingly made by Nike are some of the best ones out there.
When it comes to stability and performance these are the shoes that offer you the best of all worlds.

Final Verdict

I’ve enjoyed writing this Lebron Soldier 12 review simply because these are some great shoes. With a bit of work, Nike has done an excellent job.

You’re left with a pair of basketball shoes that are more than capable of performing well for you. You have excellent support, great traction, and a shoe that looks good.

When it comes to what Nike has failed on when designing this shoe there isn’t much to be said. When I previously mentioned the amount of room in the bottom of the shoe it was the only improvement I could think of.

The fact is that these shoes are just that good. No word of a lie.