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Nike Kyrie 3 Review


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If you’re in the market for an impressive basketball shoe you may want to read this Kyrie 3 review. The Nike Kyrie 3 is considered to be one of the best basketball shoes around.

You need a basketball shoe that doesn’t just look good you need it to perform well for you. If you can find a shoe that fits into both of these categories you are onto a real winner.

The Kyrie 3 is a good shoe but it does have a few less-than-perfect attributes, but this is the case with most shoes. Read on to find out more about the Nike Kyrie 3.

Things We Liked

  • Comes with mesh on top of the shoe making it even better to wear.
  • Great move-ability allowing you to keep playing the game at all times.
  • The Nike Kyrie 3 has the ability to flex properly adding more to your game.
  • Great level of durability and strength when compared to the Kyrie 2.
  • Comes with multi-directional pods which help you to grip the floor of the basketball court even better.
  • These are basketball shoes that fit well and can be bought online with confidence
  • The Nike Kyrie 3 looks good and will stand out on the basketball court.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • You will find that support is pretty basic which may put some people off this shoe.
  • There’s very little or no cushioning from the heel which could prove disconcerting.
  • The X that’s located in between the pods will take a while to get used to.


One of the main differences between the Nike Kyrie 2 and the Kyrie 3 relates to the materials. Located at the toe, the mid-foot and right to the heel is some mesh which seems to bring the shoe together nicely making it work very well.

The flex zone which is found at the forefoot is made with foam that has been reinforced with Flywire. The Flywire gives the Kyrie 3 a lot more stability which is never a bad thing, especially during those tough games.

This might be a good choice of basketball shoe for those who need a bit more stability in their shoe. If you’ve rolled an ankle in the past or worn shoes that aren’t very stable the Kyrie 3 will feel superb.

When it comes to the fuse shell, there’s been some mesh glued on the top and it makes wearing these shoes even better. The shoe had the ability to move and flex properly which means the materials no longer work against themselves.

Nike has also decided to add a bit of fusion the some of the areas that have a lot of wear and tear. The added fuse ensures that the shoe has a higher level of durability and strength making it perform much better for even longer.

This might be a good choice for those who want a long-lasting shoe that looks good and performs well.

When it comes to the rear end of the Kyrie 3 you will find there’s a rubber overlay that protects the shoe against abrasions. The overlay is made up into a 3D design which is somewhat minimalist but essential at the same time.


When it comes to the subject of traction the Kyrie 3 offers the best traction out there. This is almost on par with the Kyrie 2 which offered excellent traction back in 2016.

If your basketball shoes have a lot of traction both of your feet will stick to the court very easily. When you hear your shoes squeak against the basketball court’s floor it means the traction is working.

You’ll find there’s a herringbone design that’s located from the Kyrie 3’s heel right up to the toe. There is also multi-directional pod which helps you to grip the basketball court even better.

The pods help you grip the court even better while you are changing direction. The herringbone design keeps you stuck to the court when you’re moving in a straight line.

The level of traction that you get from the Nike Kyrie 3 is nothing short of perfection. Traction should be as good as this on every basketball shoe out there but for reasons unknown, it isn’t.

While blade traction tends to work well along with nubs when it’s thick enough, the level of traction here is superb. If Nike were to keep traction levels as good as this on every shoe they produce then they’ll be a lot of happy people out there.

The only aspect of the shoe that seems to let the traction down in the X that is located in between the pods. This X does seem a little odd and you may take a while getting used to it but it’s not the end of the world.

The out-sole where the tooling comes to its peaks is due to it being rounded. This seems to be something of a pivot center but it is there for a good reason.

When you’re not slipping while you’re playing basketball you will realize there is a good reason for the X and the tooling. This is the secret added bonus of sorts and can make a lot of difference even if the X is a little distracting on the foot, to begin with.


When it comes to the fit of this shoe you will find that the Kyrie 3 fits well and is definitely true to its size. This potentially means that you can buy the shoes online without having to try them on in a store first.

If you have wide feet, however, you may find the Nike Kyrie 3 to be quite narrow so you may want to go up half a size. You may also want to consider visiting a store and trying on the Kyrie 3 shoe first just to make sure you order the correct size online.

When it comes to lockdown you will find that your feet tend to fit very well if not perfectly. The heel is very secure and you don’t have to worry about your ankle hurting as the structure allows you to have a pain-free fit.

The concept of lockdown refers to the shoe’s ability to keep your feet exactly where they should be in your shoe. Lockdown is ideal if you want to be able to play your game without worrying about where your feet are or if your shoes will work well for you.

The great lockdown may make the Nike Kyrie 3 perfect for anyone who suffers from ankle pain or simply wants to stay as pain-free as possible.

Your feet do feel very nicely locked in all of the time, and that is always a good thing. Lastly, if there was one concern that I had to highlight it would be the length of the laces but they can always be replaced if you’re not happy.


When it comes to the shoe’s support you will find that it is pretty basic. You may think that a recently designed Nike basketball shoe would have a lot of support but you’ll just be disappointed.

There is an internal shank located at the mid-foot that offers some torsional support, but it isn’t as amazing as you’d expect. there’s also an internal heel counter but even this doesn’t do very much.

When it comes to tooling you’ll find that it isn’t flat in the slightest but it is wide and your foot is well supported here. The rounded mid-sole and out-sole does feel a little strange at first but you may find yourself getting used to it after a while.

If you’re not looking for shoes that come with a lot of support then these could be the shoes you need. Not everyone wants or needs a lot of support if this is the case as far as you’re concerned you could find the Nike Kyrie 3’s ideal.

You’ll find that all of the materials tend to work well together but they do not provide you with very much structure or support. However, when it comes to the toe you will find that your toes are very well supported.

The trouble is that your toes, and we’re talking about the very tips of your toes are in contact with something quite hard. It seems that the tips have been fused a little (or a lot) too much, this could prove to be quite uncomfortable for some.

These shoes may be good for those who are looking for a hardened tip, especially those who hate having their toes stood on during a game. Otherwise, you may simply find that the Kyrie 3’s can be a little uncomfortable from time to time.


Here’s where the manufacturers of the Kyrie 3 have let themselves down again. There seems to be very little or no cushioning from the heel. However, some people like shoes that provide very little cushioning and the way this shoe feels like a court shoe.

The Zoom unit that is located in the heel is ideal if you land on your heel after you’ve done a rebound or a jump stop. If you tend to rebound a lot then you’ll find the Zoom unit works quite well.

These are shoes that tend to have had a lot of time and effort concentrated on the heel. There’s no doubt that you need the Zoom unit and having one there can make a lot of difference to your game.

It would be good if the court-like feel and the cushioning worked in harmony with each other, however, this is not the case at all. Some people may find that the lack of cushioning is not an issue but that all depends on what you’re looking for.

Some players simply want basketball shoes that look good and feel comfortable. If this is the case with you I recommend you give these particular shoes a try as they may be perfectly ideal for you.


Nike’s Kyrie 3 is a good shoe to wear on the basketball court and it’s definitely something of an upgrade compared to the Kyrie 2. You can play well in this shoe and although the cushioning is not great it doesn’t take away from the fact that the Kyrie 3 is a good shoe.

You can even forgive the fact that there is a distinct lack of support as this shoe seems to shine in other areas. If you are looking for a shoe that has excellent traction and a nice court-like feel, this is the basketball shoe to opt for.

If you are looking for a shoe that you can play well in then these are undoubtedly the right shoes for you. The Kyrie 2’s were good basketball shoes but the 3’s are so much better in many different ways.

While you may have to make sure you order the right sized shoe if you have wide feet the shoe you’ll end up with should last quite some time. An impressive shoe with the ability to help you play those all-important basketball games on any court.

Final Verdict

There are no doubt some disappointing aspects to the Kyrie 3, but it is still a very good shoe. The level of support may not be what it could be but the traction, fit, and cushioning make up for it.

These shoes are meant to be worn on the basketball court, helping you to get even more out of your game. There are a lot of added features that players will undoubtedly benefit from, such as the Zoom unit and excellent lockdown.

It’s been interesting writing a Kyrie 3 review as it is a great piece of footwear that should last quite a long time. If you can put up with the lack of support you could find yourself with a basketball shoe that will work well on the basketball court.