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Nike Lebron 16 Review


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Do you need a pair of sneakers that look good and feel good to wear? If you do, you may appreciate the Nike Lebron 16’s. These sneakers look like they mean business and they’re ideal for those who love sneakers or simply want to wear a pair that work well.

When you spend money on a pair of sneakers you need to know that you’re getting a lot for your money. You want sneakers that are comfortable, supportive, and allow you to get on with whatever you’re doing.

This Nike Lebron 16 Review will show you just how good these sneakers are so you can make a more informed decision, knowing that you’re buying sneakers you’re sure to love. If having a great pair of sneakers is important to you, you’ll be pleased you found this review.

Things We Liked

  • The Lebron 16 has perhaps the best traction ever.
  • The nylon sleeve makes it even easier to make lateral and normal forward movements.
  • The Nike LeBron 16 is true to size which means you should be able to buy them online with confidence.
  • The threads are tight and the upper that does not stretch gives the wearer a lot of stability.
  • When you’re leaning into the Air bags they do not roll, instead, they remain springy and upright.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The traction doesn’t last long outdoors.
  • If you don’t change the lacing the sneakers may feel a little too big.
  • The lacing is pretty hard to change and can take quite a long time.


Nike’s LeBron 16 is made up of Battleknirt 2.0 and nubuck, making it sound like it means business right from the offset. The nubuck panel and tongue are ok, it’s not the best material out there but it’s still good.

The sneakers do tend to feel a bit stiff, to begin with, but it will loosen up after a while. This means they are likely to feel a bit more comfortable to wear than you originally think.

When the sneakers loosen up you may find that your heel does slip a little bit but it’s likely to tighten back up slightly. You can potentially get on and enjoy your game or whatever you were doing without worrying about your sneakers.

When it comes to the Battleknit you will find that improvements have been made. Previous sneakers have not been quite as strong and they didn’t help your foot stay quite as upright as you may have hoped.

The good news is that the Battleknit 2.0 on these sneakers are backed up by a nylon sleeve. This sleeve provides you with a lot of non-stretch support which is always good, helping to protect your ankle and your foot at the same time.

The sleeve holds up quite tightly when it comes to lateral movements but it is able to flex quite easily when you’re undertaking normal forward movements. In other words, you’re getting the very best out of these materials, meaning they work well for you at all times.

I think this is a great feature that I would have loved when I was on a basketball court a month ago. It was a serious game we were playing but my sneakers didn’t let me move quite as well as I’d hoped, sure enough, I purchased the Nike Lebron 16’s soon after and they have made a difference.


If traction is what is most important to you then the LeBron 16’s could be the perfect sneakers for you. This is where Nike has excelled even more than they may have realized.

The traction here is nothing short of magnificent and it adds a new dimension to your game or whatever you happen to be doing. Thought to be based on or inspired by the LeBron Soldier 12’ pattern, the LeBron 16 uses a bunch of straight lines that have a slight angle to them.

These straight lines give the sneakers the best grip out there, seriously. The lines are spaced apart quite widely and the pattern is quite deep.

This ensures that any dirt these sneakers come across are pretty much pushed out of the way. What this means is you can concentrate on what you were doing without worrying about how well your sneakers are doing or if they’re full of dirt.

Nike’s fans will know that the LeBron 15 was not a good sneaker in terms of traction so it’s good to see its predecessor is quite an improvement if you’re looking for an understatement, that is.

You should find that this very impressive traction should last at least a few months. While the rubber is not as hard as sneakers of yesteryear (Namely the 1990’s), it is harder than many you will find these days.

If you want to wear the LeBron 16’s outdoors you may find that they last a few months. However, when the traction is worn down you will be relying on Max Air Bubbles to support you.

Perhaps then, you should stick to wearing these magnificent sneakers indoors unless you want to buy a new pair every 6 months. Consider wearing them outside only when you really need to.

These sneakers are made to be enjoyed and you’ll get little or enjoyment wearing them outdoors. However, if you know for certain you’re going to be playing basketball, for example, on a very clean outdoor court, you should have no issues.


While the fit of your new LeBron 16’s may not be quite right, to begin with, it may get better over time. You may find that there’s just too much room over your toes unless you have long toes.

However, after the 3rd or 4th time wearing them you may find the whole upper is more flexible, and therefore, you should be able to pull the sneaker on a lot tighter. However, the heel is a whole new story as it can seem to have too much room but this may be subjective.

The Nike LeBron 16 has what is known as “Variable width lacing”, what this means is there are extra holes and these holes allow for a customized fit. Opt or wide laces if you find yourself in need of more or new laces.

You should be aware that taking the original laces out of the sneakers is pretty tough and it’s the Flywire that’s located on the tongue that is the main problem here.

When it comes to replacing the lacing you’ll find that the nylon backing is quite tight but the lace holes do not run through it.

The lace holes run through the outer layer which makes getting the aglets into the shoe a lot more effort than you may have realized.

However, if you have issues with a heel slip then lacing your sneakers is the way to go as it could fix the issue.
Once the laces are sorted out you may well find that your new LeBron 16’s are true to size, meaning they should fit very nicely.

However, just to make sure they fit ok I would suggest you try on some LeBron 16’s in a store first. If you do this you’re less likely to purchase the wrong size online.

This might be a good option for those who find they have to alter the size of the sneakers they buy. A quick try on in a store will mean you can order the size that suits you best, even if Nike’s LeBron 16’s are pretty much true to size.


Any item in the LeBron range has not lacked in support as we are all well aware. This may be because LeBron James is not a small guy and the designers know how much support is needed in a sneaker.

This is why the Battleknit 2.0 is even more surprising as this type of knit for a sneaker can seem quite a risk to take. However, the threads are tight and the upper that does not stretch gives the wearer a lot of stability.

I particularly like this feature as the midsole stays exactly where it is rather than coming up the sneakers’ side. This is an issue I’ve had with other sneakers in the past so I’m pleased it’s not an issue with these sneakers.

The variable lacing will help your foot to stay supported and it keeps it in place. The heel cup along with the internal padding lock is superb but only if your lacing is right and you give it a bit of time.

The LeBron 16 comes with a midsole that is different from the previous model. There’s stiffer Air bags and a lot less compression too. This means that when you’re cutting or you’re leaning into a move the bags will not roll, they simply stay springy and upright.

You’ll find there’s some outriggers on the Max Zoom bubbles and it’s these that help the shoe stay upright when you’re on your toes.


The Max Zoom that was found in the Nike LeBron 15 is cushioned and it’s bouncy. If you’ve worn the 15’s you’ll be familiar with the compression around the sneakers’ edges, but this no longer exists.

This is good news as the midsole always tended to feel unstable when you made hard, lateral movements. I would have appreciated this feature when I was playing basketball just last week.

My sneakers were not up to scratch and I really felt the effects when I was making lateral movements. The instability always made me a little insecure about just going for it during a game.

The Nike Lebron 16 has a much stiffer set-up that gives a lot of impact protection. However, this is where there’s a real difference, it feels smoother and somewhat quicker.

Maybe the bags are tighter or perhaps the foam is a little denser, who knows what the reason might be. Whatever the real reason is behind this improvement, it works and it works tremendously well. If you wore your LeBron 15’s a lot you will notice the difference when you wear the 16’s for the first time.

What you get is an immediate spring-back which makes the sneakers feel as if you’re almost on a mini trampoline. What this ultimately means is that the Nike Lebron 16 is quite a lot quicker than the LeBron 15, and that’s not a bad thing.


It’s hard to say which sneakers are much better, the LeBron 15’s or the 16’s as there have been a lot of changes. However, Nike did fix a lot of the issues associated with the 15, even though it was a pretty great sneaker.

The Nike LeBron 16 has a lot more traction, the cushioning is more responsive and the midsole is more stable. Last but by no means least is the contained upper which has been carefully considered and has been built to give these remarkable sneakers a great touch.

Nike’s LeBron 16’s are fit for a king, they look and feel good to wear and surely that’s what everyone wants in a sneaker? If it is, you’re onto a real winner with these sneakers.

Final Verdict

If you are a real fan of basketball you’ll find that the LeBron 16 is ideal no matter what you’re doing. It seems that the sneakers will handle just about everything and anything that is thrown at them.

While there may be a few issues with the traction, if you play indoors you should find there are no issues at all. If you want to play outside you may run the risk of having to buy a new pair in around 6 months but this depends on how often you wear them.

It’s been a lot of fun writing this Nike Lebron 16 Review as I’ve had the chance to dig deep into these pretty impressive sneakers and see what they’re really like. When it comes to the crunch the LeBron 16’s are perhaps some of the best sneakers around right now.