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Top 30 Basketball Blogs That Rock The Web

Congratulations to the following list of basketball blogs that made our Top 30 Award designation.

Basketball is one of the top subject matters for blogs on the internet.

There are many various forms, from the purely subjective and opinionated to the types who operate themselves like journalists.

There are blogs which are aimed towards the player, teaching dribble techniques, proper stretches, etc. There are also many dedicated more towards discussing the NBA or NCAA athletics.

The reality is that if you are in the position where you are looking for a basketball related blog, you are more than likely going to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s thirty exclusive blogs you might want to check out:

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Breakthrough Basketball is a lovely website for coaches and players alike to further dive in the minutia of the game. There are sections dedicated to coaching basketball, player development, drills, plays and so much more. The site even offers DVDs, Apps/Software, and Basketballs for sale to their readers at quality pricing.

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Basketball for Coaches is a blog that is exactly how it sounds. The site is exactly as it sounds, aiming at providing the necessary tools to coaches to help them succeed. They have articles such as, "17 Basketball Screens All Players and Coaches Must Know" and "Why Parents Must Stop Coaching from the Sidelines". They also offer a free "31 Basketball Dills", as well as sell a program called the "Championship Coaching Course."

Coach's Clipboard is one of the oldest well-functioning basketball sites to date, staring all the way back in 2001. They believe that they are a "basketball coach's encyclopedia". While the site offers many free and incredibly helpful articles, their big picture is a paid subscription model, at a reasonable price point. They also sell playbooks, DVDS, and more.

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Hoop skills is a site dedicated to helping basketball players improve their game. They have a blog section with great insight, as well as coaching and training articles. The site also provides basketball tips, as well as sells training and coaching DVDS, as well as coaching ebooks and other forms of coaching aids.

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The Coaching Toolbox operates right in line with its title. The site is designed to function like a tool box for coaches to use when in need. The site's a little bit clunkily designed with way too many ads present on the main screen for most people's preference. However, despite some design shortcomings, the information is well constructed and incredibly helpful for the coach in need of a tool.

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Basketball HQ (HQ meaning headquarters) is a blog which is dedicated towards training videos. They have thousands of basketball drills and workouts from expert instructors and contributors. Unlike a lot of the blogs, this one is very much a modern website design, with it even being mobile friendly. A subscription to the service is very reasonable, coming it at ten dollars a month.

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Online Basketball Drills is aimed to help coaches engage their players, improve their skillsets, and win more games. The site boasts a wide variety of basketball drills, plays, and different various articles on coaching techniques. The site has been up and running for a solid decade now, with its origins in 2008. It's a wonderful, wonderful site.

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Baller Boot Camp is a blog started by a European professional basketball player from the United States. He is a player coach, who coaches players during his offseason from being a player himself. This makes all of the articles have just a shred more of reality in them, more practical than theoretical, which is incredibly effective and appreciated. The site provides tools for improvement, plain and simple.

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Dish Basketball is a website around the Dr. Dish machine, which helps players to be able to practice more efficiently. Their site has a large number of drills and videos to help players learn both how to practice efficiently with the machine, as well as without it. There is a number of helpful articles that cannot be understated. The site even offers a "help chat" section, which is much appreciated.

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Krossover is a site dedicated to providing resources for coaching. They pride themselves in providing "tips and advice for coaches by coaches." The site has articles ranging from "game planning and scouting to fundraising and social media. It's well designed and highly-functioning website for any coach.

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Swinging Gate DC is a blog dedicated to the players who are trying to improve their game. They have sections of the site which are dedicated to overall basketball playing tips, as well as many articles designed to help a player increase their vertical jump. The site makes it very clear from the opening page that they believe anybody at any size can play basketball well, and not just the seven footers.

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Pro Skills Basketball is a website/organization dedicated to providing training, camps, clinics, teams, events, and even some international tours to basketball players. They have a 1-800 number and seemingly infinite testimonials to their effectiveness. Their slogan is "skills for basketball. Life. Success." It's a wonderful and modern site.

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Hoop Coach is a website built for coaches. The site gives access to plays and drills for coaches, as well as helping coaches to find jobs in the industry. Their mission, as stated on their site, is to "offer daily content that is not only useful for basketball coaches, but enjoyable to read."

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Hoops King is a site full of helpful content for training, dividing their section up into "Offense, Defense, Shooting, Jumping, Dribbling, and Strength." The site is full of great videos as well as written articles to help the player. It's a truly great site.

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What's my vertical is a website dedicated to helping people increase their vertical. One of the great utilities on the website is the "Dunk Calculator" which will help to find out how high a person will need to jump to successfully dunk the basketball. If you want to learn how to jump higher, this is the site for you.

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Inside Hoops is a blog about basketball. Shocker, right? This one unlike many of the others on this list, is dedicated to following the NBA. The site claims that it is written by "true NBA insiders" and with the information they have present, it's hard to claim otherwise. If you're curious about what's going on in the NBA, or if you're a big NBA gambler/fantasy basketball player, this is the blog for you.

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Inside the Hall is more or less the NCAA equivalent of Inside Hoops. The site has a collection of incredible writers discussing news with the NCAA, as well as the occasional retrospective piece. The articles are well researched and incredibly well written.

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Pure Sweat Basketball is site owned by the training company of the same name. The company and site is owned by Drew Hanlen, who is an NBA strategic skills coach and consultant for a number of NBA all-stars. The site provides lots of great training information is a must-check-out.

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The Hoop Doctors is another great NBA news blog written by NBA insiders. The site feels incredibly well put together and only great writers are hired for it. It's a great site.

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Steve Nash Youth Basketball Blog is a site we can thank the great Canadian baller, Steve Nash for. The site is dedicated to teach the youth some great drills they can use to increase their skillsets. It's well made and feels incredibly authentic.

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Ball in Europe is a site which hosts articles related to the European leagues of basketball, including FIBA and the EuroLeague. It's great for scouting as well as wonderful reads in general. Check it out.

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Sheridan Hoops is a blog which, while no longer producing content, still hosts all of its previous work, which is bountiful, albeit almost useless. The site was all about the NBA and followed it heavily up till 2015.

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PGC Basketball is a site which helps facilitate their company's camps, as well as providing video content and aids to players at home. The site is well constructed and full of great content. Their train online section has as much aid within it as almost any other site. Five stars.

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Layups is a basketball blog designed to "provide you regularly with new articles covering a myriad of topics on the subject of Basketball and Coaching." The site is full of content which can help a basketball player to improve their game in leaps and bounds. There is also great content for coaches as well.

Skills Academy Basketball Camp is a blog by Ethan Duttlinger which is his discussion over news in basketball, particularly the N.B.A. It's well written, although the site itself is lackluster in its appearance. The content is very solid, but the site's construction should be reworked.

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South Mountain CC is a blog produced by the South Mountain Community College's men's basketball time. The blog follows the school along its journey through its division, discussing signings, wins, losses, etc. It's a great way to get inside the mindset of the battel through a season. It's a great read.

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Hoop thoughts is a blogspot blog that's been active since 2008. The blog is wonderful and essentially covers all topics. There you will find articles that cover both upcoming coaching camps, player camps, as well as just covering basketball news from the NBA and collegiate athletics. It's a great all-around news source for all things basketball.

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Razz Ball is a blog dedicated to fantasy basketball. It is a great resource for those who are trying to dominate their fantasy leagues, both dynasty and single season. It's a great resource.

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Fast Model Sports provides a great blog for coaching the game of basketball. There are articles about providing training for players, drills, etc. It's a great resource.

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Noah Basketball is sports technology advancing the game of basketball by using real-time data and instant feedback from our Noah Shooting System and Noahlytics Data Service to help players of all levels develop a consistent shot in order to reach their full potential.

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