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Under Armor Curry 5 Review


FIT 89%

We all need a pair of basketball shoes that look good and feel good to wear. The trouble is there are many different types of basketball shoes on the market right now but this
Curry 5 review will make things easier for you.

When you need a basketball shoe that looks as good as you’d hoped and feels even better to wear than you imagined you know you’re onto a winner. This is where Armor come in and proudly show off their new Curry 5 basketball shoe.

Read this review for more information about a basketball shoe that’s second to none.

Things We Liked

  • Offers good anatomical support thanks to the Anafoam.
  • The Curry 5 has very good traction on a clean court.
  • This is quite a comfortable shoe.
  • The fit is good, however, if you have wide feet you may want to choose a larger size.
  • The cushioning is the same as the Curry 4 which was pretty comfortable in itself.
  • The Curry 5 is a very nice-looking shoe and should stand out a little.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Dirty courts should be avoided as the shoe can’t cope with the dust.
  • The support is not great at all, if you need to wear a supportive shoe this isn’t the one for you.


The Curry 5’s inner sock is made up of knit and the outer shell is thought to be made from Anafoam. However, on this shoe the Anafoam is much thicker than you will find on the Armor Curry 1.

The good news is the Anafoam is just about the same as it was on the Curry 4, making it ideal for those that loved this feature.

Anafoam is a combination of mesh and foam and is thought to be ideal for those who want better support. In fact, Anafoam is thought to offer anatomical support.

It’s also thought to be quick to dry, stretchy and pretty durable in addition to light. This is good news for those who want their new basketball shoes to not be affected by sweat.

I would have loved these basketball shoes last summer when it was hot and a little uncomfortable in California. I’m not used to quite as much heat so I struggled and my shoes rubbed.

If I’d have had the Curry 5’s I’m sure my feet would have sweated less or my shoes would have rubbed less at the very least.

The shell that comes with these basketball shoes as standard is ok. However, if Under Armour had not added the shell it might be easier to wear and play basketball in.

When it comes to the lacing it does look good but there really is no benefit to the way that it looks. It may even be impeding the game as the lacing doesn’t always feel right.

The whole of the Curry 5 has a good look, it seems quite modern without being too modern if that makes sense? It will definitely stand out from your fellow player’s shoes which is perfect if that’s what you’re looking for.

The look of this shoe is very clean and even though the lacing makes it stand out a little it’s still a good look. If you want to turn heads with a basketball shoe, these are the shoes to buy.


The Under Armor Curry 5 uses a pattern that has a square near the front of the foot. The rest of the foot has a pattern that’s the same all over.

The square is different in color and the material that is used to create it. I does make your footprint stand out if you leave one, and it seems quite funky too.

When it comes to playing on a clean basketball court there are no issues. When it comes to playing on dirty and dusty floors it is a different matter entirely.

You may just find that you have to keep wiping the bottom of your shoe almost constantly. This can get quite annoying especially when you’re trying to concentrate on the game.

The shoe just does not seem to brush the dirt away, and it seems to stick to the outsole. This may be attributed to the square part of the sole as it’s quite firm and has zero flexibility.

If you were hoping that the Curry 5 was better than the 4 in this department you may be unimpressed.

However, when it comes to playing on a clean court you will find that the 5 does its job very well.

Perhaps this is a shoe that has only been made to be worn indoors as it really does perform well. I think this shoe would have helped me a few months ago when I was playing indoors.

The shoe I was wearing tended to slip from time to time which meant I couldn’t play the game properly. I’m sure that the Curry 5 would have made the game much easier.

When it comes to lockdown you’ll probably find that it’s just the same as the Curry 4 which was quite good in itself.


When it comes to the fit of the Under Armor Curry 5 the size is pretty good. I would say that I found an shoe just a half size bigger to offer more comfort though.

However, if you have narrow feet or regular sized feet you’re likely to find it true to size. When it comes to the Curry range the 1 and 3 did fit quite well, however, the Curry 2 and 4 were not as comfortable.

This is why I’m pleased that the Curry 5 is true to its size, even if I have to wear an extra half size to be completely comfortable. You’ll find that the lateral side of the shoe (Near the forefoot) has an eyelet.

The eyelet seems to help with the fit of the shoe somewhat. I wish that the Curry 4 had this feature as my heel tended to slip quite a lot, something that other people had to deal with too.

You may want to make sure that you use the position of the eyelet to your advantage. It really can make a difference to the overall fit of the shoe and it may even surprise you as to how much of a difference it makes.

When it comes to buying these shoes you may want to visit a shoe store before you buy them online. Some people may find that the shoe is true to size but you need to test it out first.

If you have wide feet you may need to go up a half size or even 1 full size. This is why it makes sense to try the shoes on first before you order them online.

If you want to risk it by not trying a shoe on first you may want to think about the size and shape of your feet. If your feet are narrow or a regular size then as I mentioned earlier you may find they are true to size.

If your feet are wide or they’re quite large then you may want to opt for a half a size bigger. However, you may need a whole size larger so it may be wise to try them on in a store first just to make sure.


The support given in this show seems to come from the heel counter and the fit. The heel counter is a lot firmer than you may expect, especially when compared to the Curry 4. When it comes to the heel’s support you will find that it’s pretty good.

However, the support that’s offered by the midfoot is a little odd. You can literally bend the shoe except for the midsole which is a little odd.

If you have issues with your feet you may want to consider buying another shoe as this you may not get the support you need.

I wish I’d known that the Curry 5 does not offer you great support as I’ve already bought a pair for my cousin. He has a few issues with his feet and has to be careful about the basketball shoes he wears.

This meant that my cousin is unable to wear his new Curry 5’s during a basketball game. However, he does wear them when he’s around town as he likes the way they look and he doesn’t need a lot of support when he’s not playing basketball.

I assumed the Curry 5 would provide better support as there was some talk about it but it seems that isn’t the case. However, he’s hoping that any future models will offer more support as I really think it’s something people would appreciate.

However, when it comes to the issue of stability you will find that the Curry 5 is great in this respect. The flat and wide outsole is what does the job nicely and they really do seem to make a difference.

When you compare the Curry 5 to the 4 you may find that it’s quite stable and offers the same amount of support that the 4 did. If you were happy with the 4’s support then you’ll appreciate the Curry 5.


The Under Armor Curry 5 has EVUA as the 4 did and although it is a little firmer otherwise it’s no different. The 5 uses the same insole as the 4 so you shouldn’t really expect much difference.

While there have been a few issues with blisters you may find that after a while they are no longer an issue. However, the arch support is not flexible at all, and it even feels pretty firm.

The firmness of the arches could mean that you’re likely to get more blisters than you thought but like I said they may disappear.

If you need an arch to be flexible you may need to get one molded to fit your feet and your new shoes. Alternatively, you may want to consider buying another shoe.

When you compare this shoe to the Curry 4 you will find that it is quite similar. However, it is a little less smooth which isn’t great to be honest.

I wish I’d known that the cushion was not so great as I would have thought twice about buying these shoes before a big game. However, once my blisters disappeared it all turned out ok and they’re a pleasure to wear.


When it comes to the Curry 5 I think I can say that this shoe is nothing to write home about. It does look good, there’s no doubt about it but there are a few flaws.

The traction leaves a lot to be desired if you’re playing on a dirty court but it may not bother you too much.

If you’re considering switching from the Curry 4 to the Curry 5 you may want to think again. This shoe is not much of an upgrade so you may find yourself disappointed.

If you do decide to buy the Under Armor Curry 5 and you find your heel slipping don’t worry too much, it will improve after a while.

If you want to eliminate the heel issue make sure you bend the shoe in the middle a few times as it’ll speed up the process.

The shoe does work well and while it does offer good stability there is nothing to shout about. However, loyal Under Armor fans may find that they’re perfectly happy with the shoe.

Final Verdict

When it comes down to it the Curry 5 is a good shoe. While writing this Curry 5 review I did mention all of the flaws that I came across but none of them are anything too major.

The Curry 5 fits well and offers a good amount of support, oh, and it looks good too. If you can deal with the minor issues that this shoe has you could find yourself wearing something that is likely to last for quite some time.