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Under Armour Curry 3 Review


FIT 88%

If you are looking for a basketball shoe that not only looks great but is a real pleasure to wear you should read this Curry 3 review. This Under Armor shoe could potentially be the shoe that you need.

While Under Armor have produced some great shoes before and since the Curry 3 came out, this is a shoe that has been received very well. Thanks to the way that it has been made and the way that it looks, this shoe is one that certainly will stand out from the crowd.

While this shoe looks like it could be a baseball shoe it is, in fact, a basketball shoe and one that you’re pretty much guaranteed to adore.

Things We Liked

  • The materials used to make the shoe are excellent and add to the durability.
  • The traction is excellent and even better than the Curry 2.
  • The fit is just about right for most people.
  • The Curry 3 has great lockdown and your feet feel pretty secure no matter what is happening on the court.
  • You get a lot of support from the Curry 3, in fact, support is impressive.
  • The shoe is very stable, making them easier to wear during a game.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The shoes are not as comfortable as you may have thought.
  • Those with wide feet may need a larger size, so you’ll need to try them on in a store first.
  • They may need a quick wipe if you’re playing on a dirty court.


When it comes to the Curry 3’s materials, Under Armor certainly seem to have done a good job. Threadborne material has been used and it seems to work well.

Using high tensile threads that are located on the shoe’s lateral side you will have a very comfortable fit. This means you won’t have to worry about your shoes rubbing too much or not fitting properly.

The great thing about the Threadborne material is that it does not affect the support in a negative way as some shoes do. This means you can have all the support you need while you enjoy a shoe that looks and feels good to wear.

This shoe also comes with some anafoam that basically molds to your feet as you wear it. After a while, you will end up with a shoe that almost feels like it has been made for you which is never a bad thing.

It would be nice if there was more anafoam in the shoe as it would give you even more comfort. However, Under Armor have decided not to add any more anafoam.

This does not mean the shoes are uncomfortable, it’s just that they could have added more anafoam if they wanted to.

Under Armor have also used Fuse as part of their Curry 3 shoe. This is located in those high-wear parts of your shoe. It keeps those parts of your shoe stuck together quite well and shows that they know a thing or two about making basketball shoes.

The Fuse that they have used makes these parts of the shoes a lot more durable. I think this feature is ideal for anyone who tends to wear their basketball shoes a lot.

It will mean that they can continue to wear them for quite some time. This is perfect for those who do not want to buy basketball shoes every few months.

The upper part of the shoe is covered with anafoam and Threadborne which is an ideal combination. You’re not just getting a lot of flexibility and comfort you’re also getting a lot of support and a very nice fit.

Under Armor definitely did something right when they decided to use these materials.


When it comes to the traction, Under Armor have decided to use the herringbone pattern again. When they have used the pattern in the past the result was that these shoes had excellent traction.

It’s good to know that Under Armor have decided to stick with a feature that works well. While the Curry 2 used a pattern that was more aggressive than on the 3 it’s still good.

The rubber compound that features on the 3’s ensures the traction is better when compared to the 2. I, therefore, think that the Curry 3 has the edge over the Curry 2 when it comes to traction.

This is good news for those of us who thought the Curry 2 was very good but needed a little improvement. I am very pleased the traction is even better as I thought it was good on the 2 just not quite as good as it could have been.

I know for sure that when I’m playing a game of basketball my shoes will not let me down. Thank you Under Armor!

When it comes to wearing the Curry 3 on an outdoor court you may find that they work well. The rubber that’s used is very firm which means you should not have any problems.

Add on top of that the fact that the herringbone grooves are quite shallow and you should not have too many problems. Shallow grooves can potentially be a bit of a problem on some shoes but not as far as the Curry 3 is concerned.

If you choose to wear the Curry 3 on an outdoor court you should not have any issues. These shoes are also ideal if you want to wear the shoes on an indoor court.

You should have no problems with these shoes even if the indoor court is a little dirty. If you do find your shoes collect dust just give them a quick wipe now and again, although you’re unlikely to need to.


When it comes to the fit of the Under Armor Curry 3 you may find that they are pretty true to size. This is good news for anyone who has had trouble finding a shoe that fits.

Some people have stated that these shoes are a little small and others have said that it’s quite long. However, in general, these shoes do fit well.

I would, therefore, recommend that you try on some Curry 3’s in a store before you buy them online. Everyone’s feet are different which means they may be ideal for some people and not for others.
If you cannot find a store that sells these shoes you could consider measuring your feet. Find out how long and wide your feet are.

Compare the size of your feet with the size of shoes you’re looking for. Websites typically give you measurements so you know exactly what you’ll be getting.

Make sure you take a look at what other people are saying about the size of the shoes. This can give you a good indication as to how well they will fit you.

Find a shoe that fits well, just make sure there’s enough room at the toes so you can wriggle them and move about easily. Those who have wide feet may wish to try wearing a half size larger as there may be extra room in there for you.

When it comes to lockdown these shoes are nothing short of solid. Your feet really feel as if they’re going to stay in place all the time.

This is good news if like, me, you have worn shoes in the past that don’t feel quite secure. The lacing system helps to make your feet feel even more secure and the heel is spot on thanks to the extra padding on the rear of the shoe.


When it comes to the issue of support the Curry 3 seems to have it all. The midsole is exaggerated and, therefore, sculpts itself right into the heel.

Carbon fiber has been used to ensure your feet are very secure, offering you the confidence you need to get on with your game. This is great news for anyone who has previously worn shoes that are not very supportive.

I wish I’d had the Curry 3’s last year when I was playing basketball a lot. The shoes I was wearing offered very little support and consequently my ankles and my game suffered for it.

I often have trouble with my ankles so they need a lot of support when I’m enjoying a game. These shoes offer every aspect of support that I need.

Having a shoe that goes that little bit further to support your ankles and the whole of your feet is definitely welcome.

As long as you wear a pair of basketball shoes that fit you well you will find that your ankle is very secure. If you’ve ever rolled your ankle as I have you will find this is great news.

There’s is an outrigger there but the shoe does seem to sit a bit high. It would have been better if the midsole had cupped this area but it’s still quite good.

The whole shoe sits on top a good sturdy flat base which seems to give it more stability. This means the Under Armor Curry 3 is potentially even better than you would have thought.


When it comes to the Curry 3’s cushioning you will find that it’s quite firm. The insole is made from Ortholite and it’s there to give you more comfort which works a treat.

However, when you start to move around the basketball court you may find that the comfort isn’t what you thought it could be. The comfort is not as good as the comfort offered with the Curry 2 which is a little disappointing.

If protection from impact is important to you then you may want to look for a different shoe as the Curry 3 does not offer you great impact protection. However, if you want a shoe that has a reasonably good feel to it when you’re on the basketball court these are ideal.

If you are a lover of firm basketball shoes then you’ll be onto a winner with the Curry 3’s. I really like a firm basketball shoe as I find some shoes just a little too soft.

I would have appreciated a firmer shoe when I was playing basketball last week. I will have to wear my 3’s next time as I’m sure it will make me feel more comfortable.


The Under Armor Curry 3 is undoubtedly a great basketball shoe. They are great in terms of support and those who like to speed around the basketball court are sure to love them.

Under Armor have excelled themselves once more with their Curry 3. This is a shoe that looks good and it seems to perform very well.

There are a few parts of the shoe that Under Armor don’t seem to have paid too much attention too but overall this shoe is a good one. While some people may appreciate a much softer shoe it’s undoubtedly a shoe that has been made well.

More durable than some may think, these shoes are similar to the Nike Kobe range which will please Nike and Under Armor fans alike. This ultimately means you can wear a shoe that is similar to the Kobe (If that’s what you’re looking for) but is also quite different in terms of what it looks like.

Final Verdict

It’s been a real pleasure writing this Curry 3 review. This is a shoe that Under Armor have undoubtedly put a lot of thought into and it’s very clear from the moment you see them.

If you’re an Under Armor fan you’ll no doubt love this shoe. You’ll probably love how different it is to the Curry 2 in some respects but similar in others.

This is a good basketball shoe that has a lot of features that people will love. If you’re looking for a durable shoe that looks good and is a pleasure to wear, the Curry 3 could be exactly what you need.